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SNAP is a 4 day summit, retreat, workshop, and wedding photography conference (although we hate that word - stuffy and boring, which is nothing like us!) and festival all rolled into one.  SNAP is unique.  We say that with conviction as the feedback from our speakers and attendees is that they've never experienced anything like it.   

Snap really is something very special. Having enjoyed Snap 2016 as an attendee I was so excited to be invited back as a speaker. During the process of proposing and planning out my talk it really struck me how much care was put into providing attendees with quality content. There were steps along the way to set learning outcomes to make sure that the sessions were the best they could be. I felt that it helped me to raise my game as an educator and it made me so excited to see what the line-up had to offer. It was full of rich, diverse and thoughtfully-planned educational content. There was so much to be learned, regardless of what level you were at.  And then there's the community. Snap is more than just a workshop... a conference... a retreat... it's a family. Yes, that's ludicrously cheesy but: if you're part of it, you know exactly what I mean and if you're not part of it yet, all I can say is that I've never known a kinder, more inclusive and just plain awesome group of photographers. At times that meant deep talk, setting the world to rights around the campfire, laughing til my stomach hurt or sharing support when my emotions got the better of me.  It's that combination of inspirational educational content and even more inspirational company to enjoy it with that makes Snap truly unique. I feel so lucky and grateful to have been part of it. - Camera Hannah

The community that SNAP attracts is pretty special.  Aspiring photographers, seasoned professionals and everyone in between, all coming together for a week of learning and inspiration.  There are no egos, in-crowds or cool kids.  There are just a whole load of passionate people who are ready to help each other to develop and grow their businesses. 

uk photography conference