uk photography workshop

SNAP is a 4 day summit, retreat, workshop, and wedding photography conference (although we hate that word - stuffy and boring, which is nothing like us!) and festival all rolled into one.  SNAP is unique.  We say that with conviction as the feedback from our speakers and attendees is that they've never experienced anything like it.   

I've never really been a fan of workshops.  I went on one and watching 15 people running around trying to shoot a couple, while the speaker tries to explain how they shot just kinda made me sad but what Snap has achieved is quite frankly unbelievable. They haven't just booked some speakers at a venue, they have created a community that wants to help, learn and share.  I have come home from SNAP feeling tired but completely and utterly buzzing with ideas, business goals and a massive hunger to shoot EVERYTHING. 
Lee Allen

The community that SNAP attracts is pretty special.  Aspiring photographers, seasoned professionals and everyone in between, all coming together for a week of learning and inspiration.  There are no egos, in-crowds or cool kids.  There are just a whole load of passionate people who are ready to help each other to develop and grow their businesses. 

uk photography conference

Photography by Lee Allen