Bafta nominee 2014, Royal Television Society Winner 2014, Association for International Broadcasting Winner 2014. Asian Media Awards 2013, Broadcast nominee 2013 & 2014 Red Hot Woman of the year nominee 2016, Grierson nominee. 

Tazeen Ahmad is a Bafta-nominated TV reporter, presenter and writer. She has worked at a senior level across all the major broadcasters for the past 20 years including ITN, NBC, BBC and Channel 4. An award-winning investigative reporter, a former foreign-correspondent and a regular contributor to national newspapers, she is also the author of 'The Check-out Girl', published by Harper Collins which details her working undercover in a supermarket during the height of the recession. She sits as a judge on a number of prestigious international and domesticjuries including BAFTA, Royal Television Society, Rory Peck Awards and One World Media. 

Tazeen has reported from dangerous parts of the world, presented live national television and radio, worked undercover, on big breaking stories and gained important exclusives. She also regularly hosts and gives talks at large events and conferences on a range of subject areas she has covered as a journalist from radicalisation, extremism, violence against women & children to emotional well-being and health. 

This unique background and her life-long study and extensive research in the world of Emotional Intelligence and psychology has led to high demand for Tazeen to work one-to-one with leaders and she is often asked to share her work within organisations like Google, OFCOM, Clore Leadership, Mumsnet, Tate, amongst many others. She is regularly invited to speak on a number of public platforms and festivals on this too (Edinburgh TV festival, Guardian Live, WOW at Southbank, How to Academy, Perception Festival, Tedx). Tazeen is also a Faculty member for 'The School of Life' where she runs popular sessions and workshops on well-being, emotional intelligence and leading more fulfilling lives based on her own research.

SNAP Session:
Networking for the networking averse

Session description: We thought it would be really nice for everyone to get to know each other a little better before SNAP kicks off. We thought we'd make that happen, with added learning and take aways that you can use to meet awesome people once SNAP is over. 

For even the most out-going and sociable person networking can be an inauthentic and toe-curlingly uncomfortable experience. But if you have a quieter, more thoughtful demeanour, it often feels excruciating. 

So what's the best way to network and make new friends or contacts? How can it feel less embarrassing? In a lively but thought-provoking event, Broadcaster Tazeen Ahmad, will show how networking can be about creating genuine connections that last. 

Using a step-by-step approach, Tazeen will help attendees focus on understanding and demystifying networking and examine and practice what it takes to build new relationships effectively. 

This session will start before dinner, carry on after and end with camp fire beers. 

After this session participants will be able to:

  • Break down the art of conversation and network authentically.
  • Make the most of social and public occasions for both personal and professional gain
  • Experience networking as a pleasurable experience with opportunity
  • Understand the difference between shyness, sensitivity, self-consciousness and introversion
  • Learn new strategies that will become second nature
  • Get to know their fellow SNAPsters and make connections