SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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SNAP Stories is a regular feature on the SNAP blog where we feature the work of our SNAP community.  SNAP Stories are all about the 'why' behind the work you're making, whether it's day to day commissioned work, work that you shoot while travelling, instagrams created with intent or personal work that you make for yourself. 

Please add 5 - 10 images from your shoot / session / series to a dropbox folder, sized 1500px wide and 72dpi.  Please also provide as much information as possible below. 

Name *
When did it take place? Where was it? How did it come about?
What was your process? What preparation did you do?
Did you push yourself to try something different? How did it work out?
Why are you proud of your work?
How long have you been shooting? How did you get here? What have you learned along the way?