'SNAP Learning'
A Video Training Resource

This page includes:

  • A contract
  • A form for a speaker proposal
  • A style guide for filming

The Contract

Babb Events LTD
Flat 10, 2 Laura Place, Bath, BA2 4BH



  1. Laura Babb of Babb Events LTD, Flat 10, 2 Laura Place, Bath, BA2 4BH (“the Client”)


  1. (“the mentor”).

Below are the terms and conditions on which the mentor shall provide services to the Client. The exact Services required are set out in Clause 1 below.


1. Services Provided:-

1.1 The mentor shall provide 2 x training videos (the videos) of 20 - 30 minutes in duration.  The training videos must adhere to the Babb Events LTD style guide and the content must be agreed in advance via a speaker proposal form.  The mentor must also provide a short bio, a selection of 5 portfolio images by the required date.  The mentor agrees to promote the training via their networks. The mentor shall make the videos available to the Client via digital download or transfer on or before the date agreed.

2. Payment

2.1 The mentor will receive the following benefits

100% of the profits from your individual videos until production costs are covered.  Production costs must be agreed in advance. 
50% of the profits thereafter
10% commission (on profit) for any 6 months or less subscription sign ups using your bespoke code
20% commission (on profit) for any 1 year subscription sign ups using your bespoke code 

The client retains 25% of all fees to cover administration costs and profit is calculated on the remaining 75%.  

2.2 Mentor benefits shall be paid 4 times per year, in January, April, July and October 

3. Copyright

3.1 The entire copyright in the content is retained by the mentor at all times throughout the world and shall under no circumstances be assigned to the Client.  

3.2 The Client shall have an exclusive license to reproduce and publish the content in all territories, for a minimum of 3 years from the date of provision.   

9. Law

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England & Wales.

Please sign to indicate your agreement. 

Name *

Please refer to our Learning Manifesto when completing your proposal

Name *
Time in business / years of experience / accolades
Please provide a one paragraph bio
Not having previous experience does not necessarily exclude you from working with us. We're all about supporting new talent.
Please provide a couple of paragraphs describing your session. If your proposal is accepted this description will appear on our website.
Please list a minimum of two learning objectives
Practical / Theoretical / Other
Technical / Inspirational / Business related
Please provide any other information we should consider when assessing your proposal

Video Style Guide

It is a good idea to create a shoot / session plan which includes

  • Course learning goals
  • Course outline
  • Video length (20 minutes max)
  • Practice run date
  • Shoot date
  • Shoot location
  • Crew needed? 
  • Budget
  • Consider whether you’ll speak from a script or freely. If you script it, make it sound like speech, not like writing. Be sure to read it aloud as you’re developing it. 



Audio quality matters a great deal—many experts say it matters almost even more than video quality. Use a good mic and make sure it has directional settings.  Choose your recording location carefully and ensure there are no echoes or background noises (like fridges humming or far off lawn mowers....).  Ensure your video editing software has decent audio editing capabilities.  

Your session must be well lit ideally with a daylight balanced light source (i.e no tungsten)

Backgrounds must be clean / free from clutter.  
Pay attention to the composition of the background
Ensure you're a good distance from the background and try to find something with interest, shape, colour or texture.
A background with interest and depth will enhance the subject if framed well. 

The format
Start by introducing yourself and SNAP
SNAP should be introduced as 'SNAP Learning' which is the sub-brand of our video training
Introducing the subject matter and then tell the learner what they are going to learn.
Deliver the content
Summerise with what was learned

Connecting with the learners
Ways to connect with the learners / viewers include:
Providing supplemental materials
Follow up quizzes, exercises, and questions
If your session is screen sharing heavy make sure to show yourself for some of the session
Look right at the leaner while you're talking
Mix it up - include video, stills, share your screen, show practical elements

The recording

Pay attention to the way your words are coming out and aim for a confident and upbeat tone
Don’t record at the end of the day when your energy levels are lower
Be mindful of fidgeting / moving around too much


Your video should be delivered via dropbox or via a hard drive.  Please do not upload your video anywhere online.