Are you looking to get a grip with flash and using speedlights both on and off your camera? Have you got a handle on flash but you're looking to take it to the next level?  Our Flash / Lighting SNAP session is led by Assassynation, Alex Beckett, Rebecca Douglas and Lee Allen – four awesome photographers who all use flash in different ways.  Scroll down to to read more about them and this exciting SNAP flash photography workshop. 

When's it happening and what's covered?

This SNAP Session is taking place on the 7th March 2017 in Digbeth, Birmingham, UK.  The session will run from 9:15 - 6pm.   

We'll be covering:

Theory from exposure to lighting patterns // how to flatter your subjects // balancing on and off camera flash (speed lights) with different light sources // creative on camera flash including shutter dragging // quick and easy one light off camera flash // using gels and modifiers including creating your own with inexpensive materials // multi-flash off camera set ups // how to set your clients expectations and build night shooting into your approach // what kit you need in your camera bag to make the magic happen // how to add more darkness if there's not enough available // the use of panel lights

How much?

Tickets are £350 or £250 if you have a ticket to SNAP 2017.  If you're not joining us at SNAP this year you can get £50 off the cost of a ticket from any of the speakers teaching at this SNAP Session.  Keep an eye on their timelines for details. 


About our teachers for this SNAP Session

 Assassynation workshop

Assassynation aka Sassy frequently shoots with flash in all lighting situations.  She's always mindful that couples often put a lot of thought into the lighting on their wedding day, so she wants to record that as faithfully as possible, using balanced flash.  She's committed to delivering images only in colour (eek!) so she knows this means getting it right in camera.  Sassy was one of Rangefinder Magazine's 2013 Rising Stars and is known for working with couples planning alternative weddings.

Alex Beckett is a multi-award winning, apple phobic former computer hacker who's known for his high end creative lighting.  He'll be covering some essential theory like exposure and lighting patterns, as well as showing us how to work with multi-light set ups, modifiers and gels.  Alex is an experienced teacher so he'll make sure you have a thorough understanding of his approaches before you leave.  Alex attracts couples from all over the world who book him for his creative use of light.

 lee allen photography workshop

Lee Allen is a self taught photographer in the Midlands. He started life as a music photographer but now shoots everything from corporate head-shots to demolition via 35 weddings a year.  Lee likes to get in, get the picture and get out and this is his approach to Flash photography.  Using just one flash Lee will show you how to seamlessly move from crazy fun filled dance floor shots through to beautiful nighttime portraits, using jargon free simple info that will help you see flash in a different light.

Rebecca Douglas loves getting creative with off camera flash and firmly believes that darkness is something not to be feared.  Rebecca's sessions will share hints and tips that you can tuck up your sleeve to create images that you and your couples are going to love creating together. Photography at its most basic element is just playing with light, so we’re going to take it back to that, look at creative ways to add an extra element to your portfolio and have fun in the process.