SNAP sessions are our one day focussed workshops which cover specific topics, giving you an in-depth and comprehensive overview.  We work with a selection of different teachers for each session, so you get the opportunity to hear different perspectives on the same subject, rather than relying on one speaker's knowledge or approach.   

We'll be announcing workshops covering a whole host of topics over the coming months, so keep checking back!  

07th March 2017 - SNAP SESSIONS: Flash

Featuring Alex Beckett, Rebecca Douglas, Asassynation and Lee Allen.  Our Flash session will feature individual sessions from each of our teachers, covering:   theory from exposure to lighting patterns // how to flatter your subjects // balancing on and off camera flash with different light sources // creative on camera flash including shutter dragging // quick and easy one light off camera flash // using gels and modifiers including creating your own with inexpensive materials // multi-flash off camera set ups // how to set your clients expectations and build night shooting into your approach // what kit you need in your camera bag to make the magic happen // how to add more darkness if there's not enough available // the use of panel lights
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