SNAP: The Salon

"A salon is a gathering of people, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation"

We have known for a long time that one of our strongest assets is our community.  Our values are education, inspiration and community and the community really is at the forefront of those values.  SNAP is what it is because of the people who embrace it wholeheartedly.  

With that in mind, we're doing SNAP 2018 a little bit differently; we want to collaborate with our community members and we're putting our SNAPsters at the heart of 2018's event. 



23rd to 27th April 2018

So what's new?

A smaller, more intimate event:  SNAP has always been small and friendly.  We previously capped our numbers at 120 but next year we'll be hosting a maximum of 70 people, including our speakers and staff.  We absolutely intend to return to a larger event in future years but this is our fallow year - a bit like Glastonbury!  

A new venue:  it's hard to match the uniqueness of Fforest but we're certain that you'll love West Lexham.  With tree-houses and bell tents for those who love glamping and a whole load more indoor accommodation for those who want a bit more luxury, the accommodation has something for everyone.  Scroll down to find out more about our 2018 SNAP home.  

More down time: we've always jam packed the SNAP schedule and feedback year after year is that it's brilliant but exhausting.  Next year we'll be keeping our evenings free of talks, so you get more time to hang out and build relationships.  As well as our talk free evenings, there'll be more time to explore the surroundings, go to the beach or simply take a nap.  

Optional add ons:  our optional add ons have always been learning based but next year there'll be a focus on self care.  We're thinking life coaching sessions, meditation, yoga and massage but we'll be asking you, our community, what you need.  

Priority for the existing community:  we'll have fewer tickets available overall, so we'll be giving priority to our existing community.  We will have a very limited number of tickets set aside for new SNAPsters and we'll open applications for these in July.  

Community generated content:  we'll still have outside speakers; in fact we are really, really excited by some of the amazing creatives who will be joining us next year.  We also want to showcase our community more though, so 2/3rds of our 2018 content will be provided by people from within the SNAP community, including new 2018 SNAPsters. 

Tell me about the line up

Anyone who's been to SNAP before will tell you that the line up almost doesn't matter.  Almost.  Of course it does: getting a good return on your investment and making sure you have actionable points to take back to your business is paramount and it's hugely important to us, which is why we have a learning manifesto that explains exactly how we curate our content.

2018 is no different and we'll be curating a balanced line up, across various areas from business to technical skills. The main difference, though, is these many of our 2018 sessions will be curated from within the community.   

Our 2018 will feature: 

4 Keynotes: our keynotes will explore creativity, issues around creativity, business and creative inspiration.  Our keynote speakers will be from outside of the wedding photography industry or will have significant experience in their specialist area outside of the wedding photography world.  

7 Workshops:  A small number of these will be provided by speakers we invite from outside of the community and the rest will be curated from within community.  Community members will be invited to pitch and we'll have more information about the pitch process soon. We'll be welcoming pitches on business, photography, other creative areas, wellness, self care, art and inspiration.   All workshops will take place twice.  

6 Live Shoots: we'll be looking for 6 people to lead live shoot demos, including 2 x night time / off camera flash sessions.  

How do I pitch a workshop?

To be eligible to pitch you simply need to pay your deposit (50% your total cost) or buy your ticket for SNAP 2018 in full before 01st October 2017.  A small number of slots will be allocated to new speakers/attendees but the majority will be allocated to people from within our existing community.  

Workshop leaders will be paid a fee for their contributions.  Former speakers are welcome to apply and we will have a limited number of travel bursaries available to assist with travel costs for international SNAPsters.

Can new attendees pitch a workshop?

Yes!  We're welcoming pitches from new community members, as well as people who have attended before. 

When will the line up be announced?

We will formally announce the line up in November. But seriously, ask anyone who's been to SNAP before and they'll tell you the line up is unimportant.  We'll make sure we curate our usual amazing content, by our usual inspirational speakers.  The main difference being that we're focussing heavily on home grown talent.  

Where's SNAP 2018 taking place?

We'll be heading to Norfolk for SNAP 2018, to West Lexham.  

West Lexham is a unique venue and it's less than 2 hours from London, 75 minutes from Cambridge and 45 minutes from Norwich. It is a work of passion and is crafted out of heritage buildings that are the legacy of over 1000 years of farming and stewardship of nature. Set in a protected valley with the UK's cleanest chalk stream it is verdant and bursting with nature. There are floating water meadows, ancient trees, lakes and formal gardens for you to explore. They are 90% run on renewables with solar panels for power and a woodchip boiler for heat. All of their water is fresh from the chalk aquifer making it rich in minerals.  

We always needed our next venue to be magical after the wonder of Fforest.  There aren't many venues that come close but West Lexham really is a magical oasis in the Norfolk Countryside, with enough quirky details to keep 75 photographers happy.  There are row boats, tennis courts, a swimming pool and beautiful grounds and gardens to explore.

What else do you have planned for SNAP 2018? 

There'll be beach trips, delicious food, camp fires, countryside walks and we'll also have our epic party.  


Where do I sign up?

Current SNAPsters can buy tickets via a link in the closed SNAP Facebook group.  If you're a new SNAPster who wants to join us, a limited number of tickets are now available and you can apply here.