fujifilm wedding photography confrence sponsor

We are thrilled to work with Fujifilm as part of our SNAP family.  A number of our community are already passionate Fujifilm users and we look forward to showcasing Fujifilm's systems and products across our events.  From the flexibility of Fujifilm as a professional system to the creativity of Instax, having Fujifilm as a part of SNAP will really enhance our SNAPsters experience.  

 Image by SNAP 2017 speaker and  Fujifilm X  Photographer Kevin Mullins 

Image by SNAP 2017 speaker and Fujifilm X Photographer Kevin Mullins 

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This is our third year working with QT Albums.  They embrace everything about SNAP, they're as excited to be there as we are and they're as much a part of our community as any of our attendees. Their products are beautiful too.  They're as passionate about albums as we are education and they offer everything from the most beautiful fine art prints you've ever seen to a range of bespoke albums to suit all tastes and price points. 

 pic time wedding photography proofing

Pic-Time has a strong appreciation for aesthetics and technology. They believe the impact of photography is strengthened by its presentation and they offer a fresh and thoughtful approach to online galleries with a unique Client Store offering products such as Albums, Frames, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Prints, and much more straight from your galleries.


2019 partnerships are now available.  please get in touch to discuss your ideas.  We're all about bespoke, tailored and creative partnerships that enhance the experience of our community.