Matilde started her career in 2000, covering the second Intifada in Palestine. She was then commissioned by the UN to cover the consequences of war and drought on the local populations in Eritrea and Tajikistan. Since then, Matilde has been focusing her work on human rights issues around the world, especially in war-torn countries.

Her 2002 book Uzbekistan, 10 years after independence, was written in collaboration with Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, one of the major experts of Central Asia and Afghanistan. The book depicts the social frame of Uzbekistan after its independence from the USSR and outlines the future of one of the most powerful countries in Central Asia.

In 2014, Matilde founded the agency Tandem Reportages along with journalist Matteo Fagotto, with the aim to produce independent, in-depth reportage.

Matilde's stories are published regularly on Time, Time Lightbox, The Financial Times, Der Spiegel, The Observer, Die Zeit, NEON, Geo, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, ELLE and GQ, among others.

She has been awarded the IPA, Px3, Lens Culture Award, the Invisible Photographer of Asia, the International Color Award, the MIFA Award and the San Francisco International Award.

Matilde’s work has been exhibited at The European Parliament in Brussels, The Backlight Festival in Tampere, The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles, La Feltrinelli in Milan and Rome, Gallery Photographica in San Francisco, Fondazione Pirelli in Milan, 305 Sauraran in Toronto and Al Serkal in Dubai, Berlin Biennale, Noorderlicht Gallery, Holland, Palazzo Madama, Turin.

Matilde has a M. A. in History and History of the Art at the University of Strasbourg, France. She speaks English, Italian and French.

Session title:
How to tell a story

Session description: In the first part of the session I will talk about my photographic journey. After having lived in the Middle East for several years working exclusively on assignment for some of the most prestigious magazines worldwide, I have decided to focus exclusively on my own projects working in tandem with a journalist. Together we research, produce and pitch independent in-depth reportage to magazines all over the world. 

Participants will be asked to present a story they have already started or that they would like to work on. Together we will review their edit or their idea to try and understand what is the best way to develop it according to their own style and language.

After this session participants will understand how to find, develop, produce and present a story to their clients.