Babb (as she's known by her friends) is an award winning wedding photographer, the brains behind SNAP and a co-founder of SUMMIT. Babb is passionate about photography, community and education and founded SNAP to create a positive, constructive learning environment with none of the negativity or competitive aspects that exist elsewhere in the industry. Babb is obsessed with symmetry, flamingos, telling stories with her camera and she's partial to a glass of wine or three. She spends all year looking forward to the SNAP party.


Stylist, wedding and event planner, image consultant, blogger, logistics queen and all round amazing person, Alexandra aka The Bijou Bride leads on all things logistical for SNAP, as well as using her stylist's eye to make sure everything is beautiful and photo ready throughout the event.  From managing the schedule to conceptualising and executing styled shoot areas, almost every element of SNAP has been subject to the rigours of The Clipboard, to make sure everything runs seamlessly. 


Pete is our graphic designer, admin person and part of the SNAP logistics team during the event.  Anything visually related to the SNAP brand comes out of his mouse and he's also a dab hand with a camera too (he's the husband of Babb and the person who first taught her to use a camera - we're keeping this stuff in the family!).  During SNAP he can be found helping out behind the scenes and drinking ale by the camp fire.  If you need Pete's help during SNAP he can be bribed with cheese.