Laura is a successful UK photographer, the founder of SNAP (and co-founder of SUMMIT). 

She's an established presence in the UK and international photography industry and her work has been featured everywhere from Hello Magazine to Cosmopolitan. She likes bright colours, glitter, dancing to power ballads and long naps. 

SNAP Session:
Oh no, not the C word! 

Session description: Oh no, not the C word is a positive, peer led empathetic feedback and constructive image assessment session. Kind of like critique but not that scary and much harder to say. 

Have you ever wanted your images critiqued but you're scared to get feedback? Maybe you're not quite ready for an in-depth critique of your work but you would like to know how it's perceived by others? Are you happy with your work but wondering what it says about you behind your back? 

In Oh No Not The C Word we'll be reviewing each other's images as a group. Constructive feedback will be given within a defined framework, including lots of praise and positivity so you leave feeling great about where you are and what you've achieved so far. 

The aim of this session is to give you lots of food for thought. In discussing other people's work, as well as having your own discussed by the group, you'll develop a greater understanding of other people's thought processes and how others see light, composition and moments. This will give you the tools to critically assess your own images, to see where you can develop, improve or push your work in a new direction. 

Part of the feedback element will be written so if you're an introvert who hates group discussions, we've got your back! 

After this session you will

  • Leave with positive feedback about your work and a greater understanding of how others see it
  • Have a greater understanding of how others view photographic elements like light, composition and moments
  • Gain tools to critically asses your own work