Laura Babb

I'm Laura Babb, founder of SNAP, photographer at Babb Photo, lover of urban landscapes, non-urban landscapes, art, architecture and story telling.  And dancing to power ballads while air grabbing.  And wine.  

I created SNAP after attending something similar in the US that, quite frankly, changed my life and I absolutely believe that immersing yourself in a creative environment and hearing lots and lots of different perspectives and creative approaches is a game changer. 

I wasn't really planning on speaking at SNAP (I've got enough to do with running it!) but then a lot of people asked for some business related content, so I decided that I'd facilitate that.  It'll be a peer to peer brain storming session, rather than me talking at you, and we'll be covering marketing, work flow, social networks and SEO.  Sharing good practice (and maybe a beer or two) around the camp fire.  I will of course be happy to share all of my business secrets from how I find my clients, to how I manage my admin. 

I'll also be offering my very own Secret Session, where you can pick my brains about Babb Photo and my approach to shooting weddings. 

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