Alan  Law

Andy  Gaines

Cathy  Haynes

Conor MacNeill

Dylan  and  Sara

India  Hobson

Lomo  Kev

Marianne  Taylor

Paula  O'Hara

Ross Harvey

Sam  Hurd

And more...

Hey, you there!
Yes you, with the camera. 
We want to take you on an adventure. 

We'll meet in the woods and we'll stay at a beautiful 200 acre woodland camp. We'll hang out and make photographs. We'll toast marshmallows around the camp fire and drink tea.  We'll party late into the night or retire early for a nice, restorative sleep.  We'll be mindful and we'll take our time.  We'll make new friends and get to hang out with old ones.  We'll digitally detox and go to the beach.  We'll eat delicious locally produced, home made food.  We'll have a kick arse party.

But that's not all.  We'll also listen to inspiring photographers and find out what makes them tick.  We'll hear stories and learn.  We'll talk about the art of photography and ways of seeing.  We'll explore our passions and what motivates us. 

Can you see yourself here?
We can.


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