I’m a wedding photographer by trade with a passion for people watching.  I want my wedding photographs to be snapshots of real, uncontrived but tender moments in time.  Weddings are where I ply my trade, but really it’s just “people being people” – they happen to be at weddings.

I shoot with the small, Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and always with natural light only.  This allows me to shoot the wedding from the inside out, rather than be the photographer looking in from the outskirts with a telephoto lens.  I want my clients to be taken right back to that moment in time when the image was exposed and see it from their guests eye view.  It’s imperative to me that my clients don’t remember their wedding day as a fashion shoot with the photographer.  I’d rather they forget entirely about me, but in 50 years’ time when they are showing their grandchildren the pictures of their wedding they can point to real moments, real people, real photographs.

I don’t pose or direct anything at all at a wedding.  Nothing.  Ziltch.  Nada.  My role is an observer and the curator of the memories.  I’m not there to make those memories, I’m there to capture them. 

I’m a Fujifilm ambassador and with that in my belt, I’ve spoken at conventions as far afield as Japan and Argentina.  I’ve shot weddings in the United States and many countries in Europe. But none of that means anything if the clients don’t buy into to what I do… which is really to make real pictures, of real moments.

SNAP Session:
95% business, 5% shooting

Session Description: Kevin's photography business is just that: a business. He's honed his business to serve him and his needs, he targets and attracts clients that want exactly what he delivers: a 100% photojournalistic approach. 

Kevin's sessions will give practical examples about how Kevin runs his business, how he's streamlined his operations and aligned his business to himself and his needs. He'll be covering SEO, branding, marketing and the tools and metrics that he uses to ensure he has full control over his business operations. 

Participants will be able to:

  • take control of their business and improve their work / life balance
  • understand strategies for branding, marketing and advertising
  • build their own framework to streamline their business