Returning speaker Karl is partner and creative director of the award winning The Mango Lab, a visual arts and communications agency specialising in research, education and practice.

Karl -

  • has filmed, directed, edited and submitted a feature length documentary (shot entirely using iPhones in -45C)
  • the frozen lakes of northern Canada) to the 2016 Raindance Film Festival
  • is producing an event for the 2016 Urban Photography Festival in London this November
  • is an associate lecturer at Central Saint Martins
  • mentors students to transition to full-time professional photographers with past students’ work appearing in publications such as British Journal of Photography, The Guardian, Vice, Al Jazeera, Médecins Sans Frontières, Getty Images and more
  • once had a contemporary dance group disrupt a technology research and design conference by strategically placing dancers in various seats in the theatre; and on a simultaneous ring during a conference speaker’s talk dancers rose out of their chairs and began tumbling down the seats to collect at the front of the stage where they grew into a human cellular tower to finally take a selfie with the audience.
  • embraces disruptive technologies and experimental educational processes as useful learning tools.
  • worked as a photographer with his main body of imagery with Getty Images where they have been used by Life magazine, The New York Times, Microsoft, Ikea.
  • researches and lectures on perception, confidence and the photographic image.
  • is planning this winter’s documentary film project while directing the company ship.
  • is conceptually-driven and naturally curious with degrees in architecture and design research.
  • continues to search for the perfect crack in the sidewalk while training for his next milestone triathlon. 

SNAP Session:
From wedding photography to editorial commissions - making the move.

There are a few ways of making that non-wedding story editorial debut but knowing which one best suits you can be the difference between banging your head against a wall and seeing your name in print. Just how do you get into that world? It’s tough, but Karl has witnessed some lucky breaks.

Having coached students and clients who have moved into shooting assignments for Pinterest, Vice,Doctors without Borders, The Economist, Getty Images and more Karl will present a workshop which will explore:

  • 3-4 case studies which discuss journey to end result
  • expand on four ways in which you can tap into the editorial market and create windows of opportunity by creating your own luck
  • conduct a practical exercise which will have you mining for work when you return home from

There will also be a q&a session where you can pick Karl's brains and tap into his vast knowledge about all aspects of the photographic world.