Photo: Wyn Wiley

Photo: Wyn Wiley


Hi!! We’re Jen and Hugh. We’re full time wedding photographers based outside of Toronto. We met through our shared love of photography and although we’re very similar in some respects we’re polar opposite in others, for this reason we decided very early on to keep our separate businesses and separate voices. Being each others closest supporters and also biggest competition has really helped us in the industry! 

Hugh is the quieter of the two, originally born in England he went through multiple jobs and countries, always with a camera in hand. Hugh eventually fell in love with Canada and then Jen and never went home. Hugh Is happiest in a canoe or swimming in a lake.

Jen is the more outgoing of the two and has ridiculous amounts of energy. When she is not editing photos or shooting weddings she is coming up with new business ideas, hanging out with her two daughters and binge watching the x files!

Make it Happen

Session description: Jennifer and Hugh are super passionate about the idea that you can achieve pretty much ANYTHING you can imagine - you just have to have the balls to do it. This inspirational session will work through fearless goal setting, achieving success and striving for greatness. It will also touch upon psychological concepts that can be applied to level up your business and your life. 

After this session participants will be able to:

  • set and achieve measurable goals
  • put in place strategies and action plans for personal and business growth
  • understand psychological concepts that will help them to be even more awesome.