jaye cole

Hi there.

Gosh this is awkward.

Can I start by lowering expectations and saying I am terrible at talking about myself?

It makes me want to melt into a pile of goo something akin to a melted ice cream dropped from a screaming child’s hand and smooshing its way down the pavement.

See - I am so awkward I make children cry.

Okay, now that the bar has been sufficiently lowered.

Hi, I am Jaye.

I take photographs and hopefully those photographs make people happy.

Seriously. Stupidly. Excitedly. Massively. Totally. Completely. Awesomely. Happy.

Because someday when we are little old people sitting in our rocking chairs, we aren’t going to wish we spent more time pouting and looking “fierce”.

We are going to wish we could have that smile just one more time. We will wish to feel that
sunshine radiate on our skin and to feel our face all scrunched up into a silly smile so wide it makes our cheeks ache.

We will want just one more time to laugh so hard our sides hurt and we can’t catch our breath.

I try my very hardest to find those moments and capture them so that when time eventually turns our memories into shadows, we can bring them back to life and live that moment again.

Damn I have a cool job.