Hello there and meep meep! I am Jacob Loafman, a photographer from Saint Louis, Missouri. I specialize in weddings and portraiture, and I am always striving to create interesting work, and also eat lots of tacos or burritos, and hang with my rescue dog, Etta. My main motto is “consistency is overrated.” As you browse through my portfolio, you will notice that consistency does not really exist. I am always tinkering with things in front of the lens, creating interesting compositions, using different edits, and trying new techniques. While I proclaim this goal of being inconsistent, I feel as though I have carved out a certain style that is noticeable. Every shoot is different, so the photos should also be different. Create interesting work. That is the goal and always will be.

SNAP Session:
1. (workshop): Everywhere is awesome - bringing your creativity with you everywhere
2. (live shoot): Making epic pictures without epic light / backdrops / landscapes

Session description: Across these two sessions Jacob will help attendees to explore their own creativity and to practically use it to generate ideas and create awesome images in challenging circumstances. We are told to 'be different' or 'be unique' but how do you actually approach that, especially when shooting in less than desirable circumstances or backdrops? These sessions will push you to to create with a different mindset and step outside of your comfort zone. We will work together to explore the ideas that live inside your mind and then bring them to life, free from the fear of reactions from clients and peers. 

After these sessions participants will be able to:

  • Understand process of forming ideas, where these ideas live, and how to store them for future use
  • Explore experimentation and how to bring these ideas to life with the camera
  • Explore a scene completely differently through use of light, techniques and tools