SNAP: The Salon

"A salon is a gathering of people, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation"

We have known for a long time that one of our strongest assets is our community.  Our values are education, inspiration and community and the community really is at the forefront of those values.  SNAP is what it is because of the people who embrace it wholeheartedly.  

With that in mind, we're doing SNAP 2018 a little bit differently; we want to collaborate with our community members and we're putting our SNAPsters at the heart of 2018's event. 



23rd to 27th April 2018

So what's new?

A smaller, more intimate event:  SNAP has always been small and friendly.  We previously capped our numbers at 120 but next year we'll be hosting a maximum of 85 people, including our speakers and staff.  

A new venue:  it's hard to match the uniqueness of Fforest but we're certain that you'll love West Lexham.  With tree-houses and bell tents for those who love glamping and a whole load more indoor accommodation for those who want a bit more luxury, the accommodation has something for everyone.  Scroll down to find out more about our 2018 SNAP home.  

More down time: we've always jam packed the SNAP schedule and feedback year after year is that it's brilliant but exhausting.  Next year we'll be keeping our evenings free of talks, so you get more time to hang out and build relationships.  As well as our talk free evenings, there'll be more time to explore the surroundings, go to the beach or simply take a nap.  

Self care:  our optional add ons have always been learning based but next year there'll be a focus on self care including complimentary yoga and meditation. 

Community generated content:  we're still having outside speakers; in fact we are really, really excited by some of the amazing creatives who will be joining us next year.  We also want to showcase our community more though, so around 50% of our 2018 content will be provided by people from within the SNAP.  

A comprehensive plan to make sure everyone feels welcome and included

You can check out the full line up BELOW and keep scrolling for our FAQS! 


Where's SNAP 2018 taking place?

We'll be heading to Norfolk for SNAP 2018, to West Lexham.  

West Lexham is a unique venue and it's less than 2 hours from London, 75 minutes from Cambridge and 45 minutes from Norwich. It is a work of passion and is crafted out of heritage buildings that are the legacy of over 1000 years of farming and stewardship of nature. Set in a protected valley with the UK's cleanest chalk stream it is verdant and bursting with nature. There are floating water meadows, ancient trees, lakes and formal gardens for you to explore. They are 90% run on renewables with solar panels for power and a woodchip boiler for heat. All of their water is fresh from the chalk aquifer making it rich in minerals.  

West Lexham is magical.  There are row boats, tennis courts, a swimming pool and beautiful grounds and gardens to explore.


Where do I sign up?

Current SNAPsters can buy tickets via a link in the closed SNAP Facebook group. We'll be releasing a limited number of tickets for new attendees.  Make sure you're on our mailing list to be the first to hear.

Keep scrolling for our FAQs! 



Snap is a unique festival and creative retreat aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers. It features an array of workshops and activities which will inspire you and help you to develop your business. 

There are talks, workshops, live shoots, business sessions, trips to the beach and loads of other great stuff to stimulate your mind and stretch your imagination. You can read our Learning Manifesto and Community Standards here and watch our 2017 highlights film below, if you haven't already!  You can find out about SNAP 2018 here. 

There's also an epic party where dance­-offs are encouraged and shape­ throwing is mandatory, along with beach trips, camp fire hang outs and a whole load more.  You can read about SNAP 2017 here, read our write up about SNAP 2015 here, including feedback from speakers and our SNAPsters and here's some feedback and pictures from SNAP 2016. 

As much as the workshops are inspiring, useful and educational, SNAP is just as much about the experience you have while you're there and the community you become a part of once it's over. 



23rd to 28th April 2018



Norfolk, UK


PRICE / what's included?

We have a range of SNAP tickets available for different accommodation options.  The starting price for tickets is £1000.  That's less than £250 per day for

  • 4 night's accommodation
  • A delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea, coffee and refreshments (cake!) each day
  • Access to the full programme of workshops and events over 4 days including 11 workshops, activities, our epic party night and a whole load more fun.  

For 2018 we'll only have a limited number of tickets for new SNAPsters.  Please make sure you're on our mailing list to be the first to hear about availability.  


Tell me more about the accommodation!

You can check out the different accommodation types on the West Lexham website.  We have availability in all accommodation types excluding tree houses, which are now sold out. 

All on ­site accommodation is shared – this is a communal event, and we want everyone to mingle in a big way, make new friends and get to know each other. We'll help with any requests for specific groups to share with each other, no problem and we have provisions for couples.  


Keynote talks will be around two hours long and we all attend these together.  In between keynotes there'll be a whole host of one hour workshops and practical sessions for you to choose from, plus free time to explore the beautiful surrounding environment with your camera.  

Snap is not a conference where you'll sit and listen to people talk for three days. We want your teachers to show, tell and share and we want you to get out and about shooting.

Ditching the odd class is encouraged; exploring the environment, hanging out around the camp fire and chatting, shoot swaps and trips to the beach will all be of as much benefit as the classes themselves. The in-between is often where the magic happens. 



Not at all!  You'll probably get the most out of the event if you have an interest in wedding or lifestyle photography, as the majority of our speakers are professional wedding photographers.   We'll also cover documentary photography, creativity and a whole load of other awesome stuff from outside of the wedding and lifestyle world.  There'll also be practical business stuff, from SEO to social media.  

All of our speakers have been selected for their unique approaches to their work and they will all be speaking about their passions and motivations, so there'll be stuff you can learn from each of them.  

We do recommend that in order to attend you'll have a good knowledge and understanding of what ever camera equipment you are working with, as well a basic grounding in photography.

There will not be any instruction that covers basic technical skills. 



Sure. We contact everyone who's attending before we allocate sleeping spaces, so you have the chance to let us know who you'd prefer to snooze with.  If you don't have a group, we'll allocate you some friends you haven't met yet. Of course, we'll accommodate you if you'd prefer to share only with people of the same sex.

Who's behind SNAP?

SNAP was founded by award winning wedding photographer Laura Babb, of Babb Photo.