SNAP Sessions: Family Photography is a one day workshop, with US based Posy Quaterman and UK based Anna Hardy.  It takes place on the 4th September 2017, in London UK.  

The Mentors


Anna's images are inspired by a love of people, emotion, stories, humour and energy… and after initially starting to photograph families to supplement wedding photography, Anna soon realised that for her, families are by far the best place to find all of these things. Shooting families is truly what sets Anna's soul on fire.  When she's making photographs, Anna lives in sunny Manchester with her surf-loving husband Adam and her children; hilarious chatterbox and bookworm Joe and toast-obsessed nutty toddler Huey. 

Anna's Session:
Kindness, ethicality and respect for my clients are cornerstones of my family photography business, and I protect them fiercely. When I first started shooting families, marketing and sales techniques seemed to lock horns with my principles, and I felt as though being kind and empathetic and being profitable were mutually exclusive. I lamented my lack of sales skills and balked at the idea of face-to-face sales consultations where I’d have to tout my sample products to unsuspecting parents.  Happily, over the years I’ve found that it’s completely possible to strip it all back, keep it simple and build a profitable, ethical family photography business with a gentle approach to selling your work that respects the value of your images whilst removing the need to put families under pressure to purchase products they don’t want.   Anna's session will cover the post shoot workflow and she'll also be demonstrating how she works with a family during a live shoot.  


Posy is what happens when art meets hustle. Not many photographers find harmony in the space where business and art collide, but Posy is not most photographers. Her drive and the incredible depth of her photography, brought her to the attention of The Define School in 2014, when she began teaching classes and private workshops on one of the less discussed aspects of professional photography-- how to drive a family photography business without sacrificing art or vision. In addition to photography, her clients, and her love of teaching, Posy enjoys her husband, her firecracker of an 8 year old daughter, the Oregon Coast, dangly earrings, a good puttanesca, and being mistaken for Katy Perry. 

Posy's Session:
Life is naturally beautiful, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to WORK to capture that beauty authentically. Those unscripted moments that occur between parents and children are a natural part of their daily lives, but making room for that magic to occur -- in the short time you spend with a family – is what my class is all about. We will discuss how to run a thriving family photography business that fulfils your needs as deeply as it does your clients. Posy's class will delve deep into the prep work leading up to an authentic family session, and then we’ll prove it works by shooting a live session.

After this workshop you will:  
- Understand how to look after your families and work harmoniously with them
- Develop an efficient workflow from first point of contact to product delivery
- Learn about shoot preparation and working with families in a live shoot setting
- Navigate the sales process in an ethical way

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