Cheyenne Gil Photography is a body positive boudoir photographer who lives for inspiring and promoting self love in women of all ages, colours, shapes, and sizes. She has been specialising in boudoir photography for the past 6 years and has photographed hundreds of incredible women in her career. Cheyenne loves to hang with her puppy Penny, eat everything in sight, and dance around in her underwear.

SNAP Sessions:
1. Boudoir and Bad Assery
2. Self Love and Bad Assery

1. Boudoir and Bad Assery

In Cheyenne Gil's Boudoir and Bad Assery class at SNAP, you'll learn the importance of making your client's boudoir experience comfortable, fun, and - most of all - life affirming. Cheyenne will show you how she interacts with clients during their shoot as well as posing, music, and the overall boudoir vibes that make women feel incredible. This will be a great introduction to Boudior and how you can add it to your existing offering.

2. Self Love and Bad Assery

In Self Love and Bad Assery Cheyenne will help you start your journey to self love and self appreciation. Learning to be kind to yourself is an art and Cheyenne can't wait to share all that she knows about appreciating the magic of our body, mind, and soul.

After session 1 participants will be able to....

Have a a better understanding of running a boudoir session from start to finish. They will learn about interacting with clients, posing women of all shapes and sizes, and how to maintain a positive and upbeat vibe throughout the session, using body positive and affirming language.

After session 2 participants will be able to....

Understand simple steps to make their days easier
Be kind to themselves