With so many bride-focused publications out there featuring totally unrealistic aspirational photos of 14K-gold-dipped tapers floating magically above succulent-drowned dinner tables (no offence meant to tapers or succulents), it's time to focus back on the point of weddings: to celebrate love.

Catalyst Wedding Co's focus is love and personality over spending and aesthetics. They are building momentum away from the fantasy of The Perfect Wedding (TM) and towards celebrations of authentic love and community. Catalyst Wedding Magazine and their regular workshop, {un}convention, makes space for creative collaboration, support for entrepreneurs, and encourages critical dialogue in the wedding industry. Each issue of Catalyst features badass, lovely couples celebrating their love in their own way. 

Catalyst Wedding Magazine takes a critical look at weddings without sacrificing visual integrity. Catalyst holds the position that there is no such thing as "the perfect wedding." The written content is intellectually engaging (sometimes sarcastic), while the visual quality is stunning on the page and features under-represented communities throughout. 

Catalyst will be joining our Business Sessions team to create a space where you can find your ideal client, serve diverse communities and build your business to be inclusive and welcoming. The full programme of Catalyst Wedding Magazine sessions will be launched later in the year. 

“We’re not just looking for a new niche market to sell glitter to!. We’re celebrating authentic love and community — no strings attached” - Catalyst Wedding Magazine