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Win a Place at SNAP Finalists

A little while ago we offered a free ticket to SNAP 2016.  To be in with a chance of winning participants needed to submit an entry that told us why they wanted to join us.  We had a whole host of amazing entries, so picking our finalists has been a little tricky to say the least.  

We've narrowed it down to four very different entries and they've all been because of the effort that they put into their entries or because they really bared their soul to us in some way and showed us a little bit of themselves.  

We've explained below why we believe each of them deserves to be in the final and it's now over to you to select our winner.  Just leave a comment to say who you think should win and why.  We'll announce the winner in two weeks time!  

Finalist 1 - Chris Henderson

Why we love Chris' entry

Chris's written entry explains his journey to this point, and the struggles he's faced in the last year.  So many creative people are affected by mental health problems and this frank account of how photography initially helped Chris through his struggles but then made him doubt himself even more is really, really moving.  We especially love that he used his own illness as a catalyst to help other people who are suffering, through his Bare project.  We've posted an excerpt of his entry below but do pop over to his blog and read the whole post.  

Over the last year, my drive stopped driving. My longing to create nonstop actually stopped. The breath in my lungs that photography gave to me felt shallow and tasted stale, like some sort of infection had grown in. I stopped having confidence in what I was doing, even though when I was doing it, I was doing it well.

Yet, each time someone would compliment me or tell me what my work does for them, I would smile, nod, thank them for the sentiments and then withdraw even further into this chasm. Over the winter, I went to a retreat with thirty-five other photographers that battled similar things. Everyone left with this stunning sense of community and belonging and I left with a crippling sense of not belonging to any of it.

I spent years learning my craft and fighting to be accepted and once I was, I couldn’t believe it for the life of me.

If you follow me on social media, I’ve been relatively open with my battles with depression, especially in the light of Robin Williams’ suicide. Maybe in my being vocal about it, others would be able to identify with me and get the help that they need.

These past 12+ months have felt like a never-ending war. I’ve been keeping my head above water and trying. One of the things I started to do was channel it through a personal project called (temporarily) The Bare Project. It began with the idea of doing a conceptual shoot using a nude model for metaphorical displays of all of the feelings, or lack thereof, that come with depression. But it quickly evolved into a series of sessions with women that have lived their lives with visible and emotional scars. I’ve photographed women that have been abused, that were battling cancer, battled body issues, battle brain tumors, and suffered miscarriage among many other things. They bare themselves in images and in words in an effort to reclaim themselves and for some, to reclaim their bodies, that up until that point, they thought were dirty and caused the sexual violence that happened to them.

Finalist 2 - Florence Fox

Why we love Florence's entry

She made us a cake.  It was a chocolate cake.  The way to our hearts is definitely through our stomach and the fact that the cake was delicious probably would have been bribery enough, but the cake was shaped like Fforest, with all of the key SNAP landmarks.  Tipis, festoon lighting, cute little egg SNAPsters and our shiny SNAP balloons!  Amazing. Florence wanted to hand deliver the cake but we couldn't make timings work so she posted it.  We can't quite say it looked like this picture when it arrived but it tasted delicious.  Check out her cake baking time lapse below. 

Finalist 3 - Simon Edwards

Why we love Simon's entry

We love that Simon used his skill as a film maker to put together a film that shares his photography journey and tells us how he got to this point.  We love the effort that Simon's put into telling us a bit about himself and why he wants to be a part of SNAP 2016.  This manages to feel really personal but with a strong emphasis on Simon's journey as a creative.  We also have total camera collection envy.  

Finalist 4 - Selina Merie

Why we love Selina's entry

Selina's entry is our only conceptual entry.  We love that she took the brief and created a story based response to it.  We also love the 'SNAPs' that Selina has hidden in her images.  Can you find them?  You can read Selina's story below.  

Searching for Snap…

Once upon a time, on a sun-drenched Autumn day, Tatiana entered into the dense green forest in search of her unique SNAP crown. Meandering through the forest, Tatiana daydreamed of attending the SNAP photography festival and all the opportunities that might be around the corner. A new adventure, an opportunity to meet new people, to think creatively and feel inspired. She glowed with optimistic energy as she finally discovered her SNAP crown in a small clearing in the forest. Hanging on a twisted branch, her SNAP crown was just as beautiful as she imagined it would be. Placing it on her head, her mind came alive. Hours passed by in the warm sunlight as she soaked up the happiness and positive potential that surrounded her. Tatiana was amazed by how many elements of her life at that very moment connected with the SNAP theme already. She lay down on the Welsh blanket, closed her eyes and let her thoughts of SNAP run wild.

When it came time to leave, Tatiana’s SNAP crown remained firmly on her head, knowing it would guide her in the right direction and keep her dream alive of attending this incredible photography festival. Filled with anticipation, she could not wait to channel her energy into her next project and continued her onwards journey to April 2016

So there you have our four finalists.  Leave a comment below to let us know who should join us at SNAP 2016!