SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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What's changed since SNAP?

It's been six months since SNAP happened so we thought we'd ask our community what impact SNAP has had on them and their business.  

Attending something like SNAP is a big investment so there has to be sufficient return on that investment, to make it more than just a fun camping trip with cameras.   It's hard to convey the fact that often, with experiences like SNAP where a real community is built as part of the process, the learning and benefits continue long after the event is over.  

Our thriving Facebook community where SNAPsters offer advice to each other, refer work on and generally support each other is one of the loveliest and most positive groups I've ever been a part of and, honestly, if I'm proud of anything related to SNAP it's the wonderful group of diverse photographers that it's attracted.  I can't wait to hang out with some of them at the SNAP Reunion next month.  

The fact that so many of our SNAPsters are coming back to SNAP in 2016 (we've sold as many tickets at this point as we sold in total last year) and the fact that they've been so welcoming to our new SNAPsters who are joining us for the first time is just brilliant.  

So on to our SNAPsters.  Here's what they had to say about what's changed for them since attending SNAP 2015. 

Marianne Chua 

"I own my shit! I push my branding much harder and stay true to what I want to shoot. I only blog my favourite images now and my clients are really getting it!" 

Katherine Ashdown

When  Andy Gaines said 'f**king love your clients' it struck something with me and I have reminded myself of that at every wedding.  I also always try to do 'something' different and out of my comfort zone when possible. 

To be honest so so many of the things the speakers said go through my mind at every wedding! Getting in close from Alan Law, thinking positive from Ross Harvey, beloved techniques from Marianne Taylor, remembering my 'why' from Emma Case.

All of these things have had big and small impacts on what I do and I've have had a far more positive attitude at each wedding.

Richard Savage

"I've taken the leap and gone full time and it's the best decision I've ever made" 

Jessica Lee

"Andy Gaines told us to look for 'gifts' in each space. I have been using that mantra for every wedding and it has changed EVERYTHING. It's especially useful if you have a wedding you're not super excited about. Maybe it's going to rain. Maybe the hall is dark with awful lighting. I look at things that could be challenging and a bummer and think: How can I make this beautiful? How will I approach it creatively? Game changer."

Lesley Burdett

"SNAP has given me the confidence to market for more work with current and new clients and I'm taking pride in recruiting, training and employing new staff.  I'm no longer afraid to stick to my guns when I quote for work. 

Most importantly, SNAP has introduced me to the most amazing photographers whose images, struggles and achievements blow me away daily and it has also given me the confidence to believe in my own photography and to keep trying things I wouldn't normally. I know I have so much to learn technically, but I am not beating myself up about it"  

Sophie Duckworth

"I've learned that workshops are invaluable to your business and your mental state. If I hadn't come to Snap I'd never have met and shared some amazing times with so many lovely people. Nothing will compare to how I've felt this year. Amazing."


Andy Li  

"I'm not sure what's happened to me since SNAP. I can't put my finger on it, but I know I've definitely become more awesome since ;) 

Maybe it's all the positive vibes from EVERYONE in the SNAP group. I have to say that this is THE nicest group on Facebook!"