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Welcoming Fujifilm to the SNAP family

fujifilm wedding photography workshop
David Alan Harvey  via Fujifilm X

David Alan Harvey via Fujifilm X

Happy Thursday everyone.  We hope you've had a productive week so far and that you're raring to go if you're shooting this weekend.
We're really excited to welcome FUJIFILM to the SNAP family today.  FUJIFILM  will be partnering with us over the coming year and they're joining us on site at SNAP 2017.

They'll be bringing a whole load of kit for you to road test, from their X series systems to their Instax cameras and instant film to push your creativity.    FUJIFILM  will also be leading a workshop and activities which we'll be announcing very soon, so you'll really be able to put their systems through their paces.  

Shinichi Adachi via Instax blog

Shinichi Adachi via Instax blog

We'll also be welcoming FUJIFILM  X photographer Kevin Mullins as a speaker for the second year running, where he'll be telling us all about his business work flow.  Kevin's sessions will give practical examples about how Kevin runs his business, how he's streamlined his operations and aligned his business to himself and his needs. He'll be covering SEO, branding, marketing and the tools and metrics that he uses to ensure he has full control over his business operations.  Read more about our 2017 line up here

Image by  Kevin Mullins

Image by Kevin Mullins


FUJIFILM's creativity is one of the many reasons we're really excited about this partnership. Fujifilm are innovative, creative and they pride themselves on putting the fun back into photography.  We can't wait to work with them, to create an even more fulfilling experience for our 2017 SNAP community.

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