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This shit needs to stop

Today there's a click bait post floating around the photography world by a photographer who is purporting to be educating their client but is actually just having a moan about other photographers who are doing things differently to them.  

The photography world is overwhelmingly positive, for the most part, but there are pockets of resentment, negativity and bitterness that I try to avoid where ever possible.  

In groups I've been a member of in the past I've seen photographers post examples of other photographer's work without them knowing and tear it to shreds.  

In other groups I've seen people reply to genuine questions from people who are reaching out for help with acerbic replies that are clearly designed to show how clever or better than them they are.  

At an event I attended they showed a slideshow of wedding photography that they deemed to be so bad that it was funny, that they'd taken from the internet.  

At a workshop I went to once the person running the workshop slagged off a huge list of other photographers by name, as well as saying a whole load of negative things about their clients. 

Imagine a few hundred photographers sitting in a room laughing at an image that you were proud enough of to post on the internet.   

Imagine a photographer with a platform critizing you behind your back for no reason, to make themselves look good.  

Imagine a group of photographers laughing at a picture of YOU.  

Imagine a photographer publishing a blog post that specifically criticizes your editing style and approach as an image maker.

Making an example of other people and trying to cast them in a negative light to make yourself look better is a pretty shitty marketing tactic.  For every potential client who finds themselves nodding along with you sagely, there'll be several who are wondering why you're being so mean and bitter.  

Being horrible only makes you look horrible.  

And being horrible takes so much energy.  For every 300 word blog post that you write with example images edited in someone else's style to show everyone how rubbish you think it looks, you could have written a positive, well thought out blog post that casts you and your business in an awesome light and actually does something useful to educate your clients.

Every time you shit talk another photographer, you could have been saying something positive or inspiring.  

What do you think people remember more?  Someone saying something bitchy or someone saying something that is helpful to them, that they can use in their business?

In the words of Maya Angelou, "people may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel" and that includes feelings of negativity too.  

We don't need to bring each other down to be successful. 

As a consumer of products and content think about who you give your time money to.  If there are people that do nothing but throw out negativity about others in the industry then don't support them.  If there are people who moan, bitch and whinge constantly unfollow them.  If there are Facebook groups that are full of negativity then just leave! 

This job is tiring and draining enough as it is, without inviting unnecessary negativity into your life.