SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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110 Photographers, 1 wedding

When Rochan and Xeco got engaged at SNAP last year they joked about getting married at SNAP 2016.  I thought that was a BRILLIANT idea, especially if we could somehow keep it a secret from the 110 photographers who'd be attending SNAP as attendees.

SNAPsters were told there'd be a surprise before our big party and that they should dress to impress, then on the morning of the wedding they were all given their surprise wedding invitations. 

Ro Chan and Xeco were married in the quarry at Fforest with 110 wedding photographers in attendance and no less than 7 photographers shooting different parts of the day officially (and a whole load more sneaking the odd unofficial picture!).  We think that might be a record?   

We thought it would be an interesting experiment to ask some of our speakers and official SNAP photographers to photograph different aspects of the day.  A huge thank you to Lee Allen Photography, Whitesmoke Studio, Petar Jurica, Alexa Loy Photography, Kevin Mullins, Assassynation, Lukas Piatek Photography and Creative Apertures Photography

The images you see below are a mixture of their work, shared in chronological order.  

And thank you also to the amazing suppliers who were involved in making Ro Chan and Xeco's SNAP wedding come to life!  

Styling and coordination by Alexandra Merri and Mr and Mrs Unique 

Thanks to: QT Albums // Fforest  // Lee Allen Photography //  Cinematic Tide  // Mr and Mrs Unique // // Madeleine Jones // Lauren O'Farrell // The Freelancer Club // Grizzly Bear Design // E&W //Hollyhock Lane // The Great British Florist // Sir Plus // Wedding Smashers // Hannah Jones // Miss Cake // Fleur de Lace Wedding & Events, Decoration, Prop Hire,... // Kate Cullen // Pen Heaven // DorisLoves // Brolly Bucket // Emma Bunting // Batiste //Heat Holders // LOOKSLIKEFILM // SmartAlbums // Totally Rad