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The Starlet Suite by Becky Ryan

Words and pictures by Becky Ryan

The shoot came about from personal interest in vintage style and having worked with a couple of wonderful vintage stylist friends previously I put the idea to them of hiring a venue and offering a whole makeover and shoot experience to a set of clients for a one day event which they could book on to, having set appointments throughout the day.

vintage boudior photography

With lots of studio set up 'vintage makeover' experiences available, I wanted to offer something different, so looked into potentially using an authentic 'vintage' feeling location. We found a private residence available to hire fairly locally which was absolutely perfect for us. We couldn't have found a better match for what we wanted to offer and it added a realness to the whole experience for our clients. A fabulous 60s styled home, it felt like being on the set of an old Bond film! I feel that having the right environment really made a big difference and not only helped to provide a perfect backdrop to the photos but helped the ladies on the shoot channel their inner Hollywood film star too by having these surroundings.

hollywood glamour photography

I'm proud of this shoot for what we managed to achieve coming together as a team and trying something new. I was so happy with the photos, I really feel like I achieved the look I was going for of wanting the photographs to look like they could have come straight from the pages of a vintage magazine. I wanted them to have that atmospheric, cinematic look that I hadn't really seen before in boudoir photography, tying in with the theme of vintage glamour and old Hollywood. I didn't want it to be over polished, airbrushed, and lit with strong artificial lights. I wanted it to be real, just capturing the ladies as they were feeling confident beautiful and super glamorous after their styling session with Sarah and Bethany. Working only with natural light is my favourite way to work and I feel it helps to keep the wonderful colours and tones of the fabulously styled venue we were at. It's also amazing to give women a real confidence boost and help them see how amazing they are!

The feedback we had from the shoot was so lovely, these were some of the testimonials I received...

“The makeover and photoshoot with Becky and the team was amazing. There was a lovely atmosphere at the venue – tea, biscuits and chit-chat were flowing. Everyone was really friendly and the makeover team were really helpful in deciding what worked (and what didn’t) for me. I felt very safe in their hands. Becky was great, she gave me excellent direction, telling how to pose, where my arms/hands/head/etc should be, all helping me get the best photos. When the previews came through I was thrilled. I am my own biggest critic, but I genuinely found it difficult to narrow it down. So many amazing photos! I’ve done a number of the makeover/photoshoot days and this was hands down my favourite experience. I would highly recommend Becky and her team to anyone wanting to do a more glamorous vintage shoot. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure that you’ve got something fabulous lined up for the evening afterwards so that you can show off your amazing look!"

"Having gone through a period of change in my life and feeling a bit negative about my appearance, I wanted to rekindle that love I should have for myself. The experience gave me back that spark. That knowledge that no matter what size my boobs, bum & hips are I can still feel good about myself.”

“The experience was what I expected and more, I knew the day would be good. I trusted you to do your usual excellent work. I was just worried that I’d hate myself in the photos… but I needn’t have been concerned. The photos were fab! The venue was great and I found it with no problems. Hair and make up was great. In particular I liked that Sarah tried a style and was honest when she thought it didn’t work for me, so did something else”

“Such an amazing day! I would highly recommend Becky and the team to anyone wanting to do a makeover shoot. I absolutely LOVE my photos. Thank you for making me feel and look so glam!”

“The shoot location is reminiscent of an American film set and I felt like a vintage film star. Make-up and hair skilfully and beautifully done with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Becky is effortlessly professional and a naturally talented photographer, knowing how to capture your best features. I instantly felt at ease. The experience was even more than I expected it to be. I’ve never felt I’m very photogenic before so thank you for taking such wonderful photos of me. Everything about the whole day was brilliant, it is now firmly etched into my happy memory bank!”

“I think all of the ladies from the shoot look like film stars. I have never felt like I am very ‘photogenic’ before so thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of me.”

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Positive feedback from clients means so much to us photographers. Particularly as someone that lacks in confidence at times themselves, it means a lot to hear you've made a difference to someone. It's one of the lovelies rewards you could ask for in a career. All ladies deserve to be reminded what sassy, sexy, and wonderful creatures they are. 

Make Up - Bethany Jane Davies
Hair - Sarah Bloor
(Venue was a private local residence)