The SNAP Aspiring Workshop Leader Scholarship Applications

All images are by female or non gender conforming photographers and were share via our Facebook page. Header image by Ekkelboom-White Photography

Last week we announced our photography scholarship for an aspiring workshop leader.  We've been blown away by the support so far - from donations on our crowdfunder page to brands reaching out to offer their support.  We'll be announcing some of our supporters in the next few weeks and we're really grateful to their offers of support for our eventual winner.  If you would like to support the scholarship financially please head here.  If you can provide support to our eventual winner please get in touch

The winner will get a suite of support, along with a place as a speaker at SNAP 2018.  Support will include:

  • A ticket to SNAP 2018 plus travel costs
  • Train the Trainer one day workshop
  • Creative Live - become a better and funnier speaker
  • TED guide to public speaking
  • 121 mentoring / coaching sessions with Camera Hannah (former SNAP speaker and speaker at other UK events)
  • 121 mentoring with Nova Reid - life coach, former actor, wellbeing coach, writer, diversity consultant and public speaking expert
  • 121 marketing session with Maddy from Making Your Business Shine
  • A 12 month membership to the Photobiz Premium photography podcast
  • Other expenses/ support allowance as required

Today we're kicking off the application process.  Keep reading for all of the details.  All of the images in this post are by female or non-gender conforming photographers and were shared over on our Facebook page

Image by Chloe Grayson from her project which explores mental health through photography.

Image by Chloe Grayson from her project which explores mental health through photography.

What does the Scholarship involve?
Diversity is a huge focus for us here at SNAP - we're one of the few conferences in the world who intentionally curate our line up with gender parity and diversity in mind.   We also actively seek out voices from outside of the wedding photography industry and we've had academics, photojournalists, Bafta winning broadcasters, artists, creative consultants, financial advisors, SEO experts, Diversity experts and a whole load more talented educators share their knowledge and skills at SNAP.  

We absolutely want the best people on our line ups but we also believe that the best people with the most to share aren't always the most obvious choices.  We also believe that the less obvious choices might lack confidence because they don't see themselves represented in positions of authority, power or influence within the wider industry.

Image by Michelle Suits

Because of this we are creating an opportunity for a Europe based, female identifying or non-gender conforming photographer who will receive a package of training and support that will enable them to develop skills as a workshop leader.  The successful applicant will be given a speaking slot at SNAP 2018.  

Image by Parrot and Pineapple from her work with Mayhew animal charity

Image by Parrot and Pineapple from her work with Mayhew animal charity

Who is eligible to apply?

To be eligible you should meet the following criteria:

  • You're an experienced, full time wedding photographer
  • Photography is your main source of income 
  • You are female identifying or non-gender conforming
  • You do not have significant previous experience as a speaker / teacher / workshop leader within the photography industry (excluding teaching your own individual workshops)
  • You agree to uphold our Community Standards
  • You agree to uphold our Learning Manifesto

    In addition we particularly welcome applications from photographers of colour or those who are differently abled.  
Image by Ahmani Vidal

Image by Ahmani Vidal

To apply for this opportunity please complete the following form.  If you have any specific needs which mean you need help to complete this information please contact us.

Applications close on the 30th October 2017 and we'll be contacting shortlisted applicants to arrange a Skype interview.  

Name *
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Introduce Yourself Tell us about any formal education and credentials Tell us about any notable achievements Tell us a little bit about you as a person
Please provide a talk description. This can be a rough idea at this stage - we can help you to develop your idea as part of the programme.
Including experience outside of the photography industry
Please include up to 30 images that represent your photography style.
If you have previously attended SNAP you may leave this question blank