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The SNAP Aspiring Workshop Leader Scholarship - a call for support

Discussions this week have turned, again, to diversity in the photography education world and nearly all male, all white conference line ups .  

Diversity is a huge focus for us here at SNAP - we're one of the few conferences in the WORLD who intentionally curate our line up with gender parity and diversity in mind.  Google the phrases "why are women under represented" and "why are people of colour under represented" and you'll find a wealth of articles across all sectors which talk about the barriers that these groups face.  

We've seen people say gender and race isn't a consideration when curating a line up and that they only curate their speakers with the content in mind.  We absolutely want the best people on our line ups but we absolutely believe that the best people with the most to share aren't always the most obvious choices.  We also believe that the less obvious choices might lack confidence because they don't see themselves represented in positions of authority, power or influence within the wider industry.  

Because of this we want to do something to move the situation forwards, instead of simply sharing another opinion piece.  

We are creating an opportunity for a Europe based female photographer or non-gender conforming photographer, who will receive a package of training and support that will enable them to develop skills as a workshop leader.  We'll particularly be welcoming applications from photographers of colour or those who are differently abled.  

By creating this opportunity we hope there will be one more qualified workshop leader who will be available to share their knowledge with the wider photography community.  

The eventual winner of the scholarship will put their skills into use at SNAP 2018, where they'll be offered a free ticket to the event and also a speaking slot.  We need support to make this happen. 

SNAP will cover the cost of the speaker's SNAP 2018 ticket and we're are looking for support / sponsorship / contributions for the following:

  • Train the Trainer one day workshop
  • Travel to workshops and event
  • Creative Live - become a better and funnier speaker
  • TED guide to public speaking
  • 121 mentoring / coaching sessions with existing experienced speaker
  • Other expenses/ support allowance as required

Goal £2000

Any money raised beyond this goal will be used to fund training and support for non successful applicants, subject to their needs. 

We'll be launching the submission process for prospective applicants early next week.

For now if you would like to support this cause financially you can DONATE HERE or if you're a corporate sponsor who'd like to work with us please get in touch via our contact form.

If you are an experienced speaker who would like to become a mentor for one of our prospective applicants please contact us. 

If you think this is a good cause and you'd like to support us please do share this post with your networks.