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The Neighbourhood 1973 by Jacob Loafman

Words and images by Jacob Loafman

This project was a collaboration while I was traveling around Arizona and California. I reached out to a photographer, Jennifer Griffith of Griffith Imaging, located in the Phoenix area, because she had been posting beautiful work in our LOOKSLIKEFILM group. I asked if she'd be interested in collaborating on a project together while I was out that way. She lined up a location, model, and hair/make-up artist in 2 days! It was amazing! I had never worked with models before and WHOA. It was so awesome to work with a model that was passionate about what she does. I look forward to collaborating with this same team in the near future.

This project is really where my passion lives. I am not the best at describing it, but shooting this project the aim was to simply tell a story that is visually interesting.....and a bit mysterious. I created a short story to go along with it, because a little context is good to focus the mind.

My brief to myself was to act as though I was a visitor to this neighbourhood back in 1973 and to document what I saw.  Here's the short story:

The Neighbourhood 1973

This neighborhood was the home of discarded clones. The clones were were experiments. They were products, however each had their own personality and traits. 

The Clones:
Orange color scheme - OLIVE ORANGE
Yellow color scheme - LULU LEMON
Pink color scheme - PAULINA PINK
Flower/Parachute scheme - PEARL CHUTE"

I am proud of this shoot, because I feel like it's the first step towards my ultimate goal of creating more fine art type of work. I would love to have an exhibition of my work one day. Gregory Crewdson and Brooke DiDonato have been my main inspirations lately and you can definitely a feel a little bit of their influence in this series, I think.

Canon 6D with Canon 35mm f/1.4L
Sony A7 with Mitakon 50mm f/0.95

The credits:

Styling: Jennifer Griffith -
HMUA: Lauren Reid -
Model: Kyra Nickel -