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SUMMIT's Got Talent finalists

Promoting from within and supporting our communities to grow is a big priority for us here at SNAP and SUMMIT.   Because of this we allocate one speaking slot at each event to a member of our community, so they can take their first steps into speaking or get more speaking experience, in a supportive environment.  

SUMMIT's Got Talent is open to members of the SNAP community, the Rock Your Shot community and of course the SUMMIT community and we're excited to say we have picked a finalist from each of those groups.  

We'll be narrowing it down to the final two based on a public vote, so do leave a comment on this post on the snap Facebook page telling us who you want to win.

The winner will then be decided by SNAP and Rock Your Shot.  

Finalist 1 - Jessica Milberg 

Workshop Title: The Streets

Workshop Description: The workshop will be in three parts addressing the history, discussion, and presentation of street photography. Part one will be a brief history of the genre and other key discussion points concerning modern street photography. Part two will be identifying there questions that concern us as modern street photographers, and part three will be the presentation and discussion of those questions.

Top three learning outcomes: 
-History and techniques of street photography as a classic photo discipline
-Important issues concerning street photographers today
-Potential solutions to concerns and questions raised by the group to those questions

Finalists 2 - Matt and Sarah-Jane Ethan

Workshop Title: Helping great photographers build equally great businesses

Workshop Description: Learning to take a technically good pictures accounts for around 5% of your photography business success - for the other 95% there is Matt and SJ!   Combining time-honoured sales techniques, creative marketing strategies and a passion for making things easy and practical, Matt and SJ will help each participant to start to build a personalised, step-by-step plan to start transforming their business into something successful, fun and of course profitable! 

From finding dream clients and converting them into full-paying clients, managing client expectations and key must-have scripts, to workflow optimisation and creating a healthy work/life balance there is something for everyone. The workshop is fully interactive and tailored around the individual needs in the group with an over arching philosophy that we are all in this together - we are colleagues NOT competition!

Top three learning outcomes: 
- Identifying, finding and connecting with your ideal client - Getting more of the styles, personalities, locations and budgets that you want.
- Creating an effective marketing sales funnel and key principles to converting these enquiries into bookings
- How to create a healthy work/life balance - with tricks to reduce your working week up to 10 hours or more

Finalist 3 - Shelley Richmond

Workshop Title: Perfect Editorial Portraits

Workshop Description: A walk through my process of creating editorial portraits, planning, the team, shooting, location, light, editing and retouchng. I teach best by showing (whist talking) and I'd like to lead an editorial portrait shoot using available light , beautiful styling and a lovely model.

Top three learning outcomes: Confidence in posing a model
Confidence in putting a team together and setting up your own editorial shoot
Editing and retouching techniques

So those are our three awesome finalists.  Leave a comment on this post on the SNAP facebook page, telling us who you want to win.


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