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SUMMIT's Got Talent!

Header image by Alex James / Creative Apertures Photography

One of the key beliefs of both SNAP and Rock Your Shot is that there's a whole load of talented photographers who would be great speakers and teachers that aren't already on the speaking circuit.  Both SNAP and Rock Your Shot are committed to showcasing the work of newer speakers and our Got Talent competition is one of the ways we do this at SNAP.  

Since winning our 2015 SNAP's Got Talent competition and delivering his hugely inspiring talk at SNAP 2016 winner Alex James has secured other speaking engagements including heading off to speak in New York this Autumn, and we loved last years' runner up Jaye Cole's business workshop entry so much that we invited her to deliver them at SNAP anyway.   

We'll be launching SNAP's Got Talent shortly (along with dates for next year's SNAP - eeeeeek!) but in the mean time it's time for our SUMMIT people to shine.  

What is SUMMIT's Got Talent?

SUMMIT's Got Talent is a competition to find a new, undiscovered speaker to join us at SUMMIT 2016.  The winner will get a free ticket to SUMMIT and the chance to deliver a workshop as part of our SUMMIT line up.  The workshop will be 1 - 1.5 hours long and you'll deliver it to a smaller group (rather than on the main stage!) and we'll also cover your expenses.  

To enter you need to be a member of either the SNAP, Rock Your Shot or SUMMIT communities.  So you either need to have attended one of our past events or you need to be a SUMMIT ticket holder. 

How do I enter?

1) Fill out the form below with details of your proposed workshop

2) Record a 15 - 20 minute video mini-version of your workshop and include a link to the video and embed code in your application

3) Make sure your video includes your name, business name, website address and social media handles

4) Click to share this tweet telling people you entered:  

Tweet: I've entered SUMMIT's Got Talent for a chance to speak at SUMMIT 2016 with @snapphotofest and @rockyourshot

You have until the end of June 2016 to enter, when we'll be picking our four favourite finalists.  The SUMMIT community will then vote for their favourites and the winner will be announced in July.  

Good luck! And don't forget to read the Ts and Cs at the bottom of the post.

Name *
What can participants expect to learn from your workshop?
Will there be any practical elements? How will attendees participate? How will you show, rather than tell? How will you check that attendees are engaged with your message?
Will you need a projector? Models? A real couple? An editorial set up? Hand outs? Let us know what you'd need to make your workshop happen.
Please confirm that you are available to attend SUMMIT 2016 on the 01st November 2016 *



Prize includes one x free ticket to SUMMIT on the 01st November 2016 plus reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.  If the winner is already a SUMMIT ticket holder the cost of their ticket will be refunded in full.  

·     Closing date for entries is 30th June 2016

·     Winners agree to be featured by SNAP, Rock Your Shot or SUMMIT and in any associated publicity

·   None of the prizes may be exchanged or transferred and no cash alternative will be offered

·     Winner will be selected by SUMMIT. All decisions are final. 

·     By entering the competition, you agree that all information submitted by you is true

·     Travel and accommodation expenses must be agreed in advance of booking