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UK Wedding Photography Conference

We say conference.  It kind of was.  If conferences were cool.  A few weeks ago almost 200 photographers gathered in Liverpool for SUMMIT, our one day event that was a collaboration between SNAP and Rock Your Shot.  

jonas peterson summit one day wedding photography conference liverpool

With speakers from all over the world and attendees from all over Europe, SUMMIT was a jam packed day full of learning, inspiration, practical sessions, live shoots, networking and of course some awesome dance-floor shenanigans to round off the evening.  We had a brilliant couple of days, from the pre-drinks the night before the event, the inspiring speakers who shared their knowledge and passion with us, the awesome attendees who came ready to embrace the day and the party people who kept the dance floor packed until the very end.  

Our SUMMIT partners  QT Albums

Our SUMMIT partners QT Albums

Thank you to everyone who played a part in the event including:

Our brilliant partners QT Albums 

Our sponsors:  
-Melia Melia who did an amazing job photographing the event
Papertwin Weddings who created our killer film
Freedom Edits who provided our photobooth fun
Brolly Bucket who loaned us a whole load of beautiful umbrellas, so we could shoot in all weathers
Jenn Edwards and her team who provided hair and make up for all of our live shoots
Campbells' Flowers for our beautiful bouquets
Steve Gerrard and John Hope for DJing the party (alongside my SUMMIT co-organiser Jon Dennis). With special thanks to John Hope for DJing throughout the day.  

Thanks also to Flick at Innercity Weddings for coordinating things on the day and to Stephen, Tony, Albert and Pete for helping out.  

And finally our teachers and speakers Jonas Petertson, Sam Hurd, Nessa K, Daniel Aguilar, 2 Brides, Rosie Hardy, Claire Penn, The Crawleys, Babb Photo, Rima Darwash, Rossella Vanon, Cinzia Bruschni, Lukas Piatek, Heather Jowett, Shelley Richmond, Madeleine Jones, Nova Reid, Sam Docker, S6 Photography, The Lawsons and Nisha Ravji!

Scroll down to read some of the comments from our attendees and do check out our brilliant pictures from Melia Melia and our fantastic film from Papertwin Weddings.   If you're looking for UK wedding photography training or a uk wedding photography conference then do sign up to our mailing list.  Our SUMMIT 2017 line up is coming soon!  

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Well WOW what an awesome couple of days! Just got home and now I have post workshop buzz syndrome and need to reflex on what the hell has just happened! Had such a great time meeting new folk and seeing old photo pals, Massive to thanks to Jon, Laura and all the speakers, My mind is blown! - Geoff Kirby

"Seriously.... yesterday rocked!" - Steve Gerrard

Fangirling all day over these guys (not just me... Ahem, Anthony Struth) thank you Laura for organising and helping me find some branding words for our business! And Jon for organising and taking some shots of my shit hot dance moves!  We said we couldn't miss this, with it being in our hometown but we wouldn't have missed it if it were anywhere else! Had a great day, took in loads of info, felt inspired (especially by Nisha Ravji, thank you!) and partied and chinwagged with the coolest people! - Kimmy Struth
"Summit was the thing that I so much needed. I left last night feeling so much more confident. I feel like I'm in the best frame of mind right now and can handle anything (including actual life!). After some trying months, it's nice to feel like I can really get somewhere with this. Thank you SO much to everyone!" Priscilla Maurer 

Thank you Laura & Jon for organizing such a great event. And thanks to everyone who made our experience awesomesauce, attendants and speakers, models and catering staff. Flying back home with a heart filled with joy. - Isabelle Hesselberg 

You know when your brain is so tired from an amazing Summit that you are wandering around trying to remember where you left your iPhone and you realise it's in the fridge. Yeah that. - Helen Howard

Film by Papertwin Weddings

Wow, wow and wow. - Paul Ward

Feel like I learnt an invaluable amount of stuff yesterday! Thanks to everyone there who spoke and who did live shoots wish I could've done everyone's!! - see you all next time! - 

'Dream Big' So much fun meeting people who I've seen online for so long but have never had the chance to meet in person. Feeling super inspired after all the talks, was such an awesome day - Jack Valentine Parkinson

Not sure how I don't feel rougher today. I feel I've dodged the proverbial bullet.... Bloody awesome day - so great to hang out with you all :) Massive big ups to the dance floor crew!! Same time next year? - John Hope

I've spent a great deal of my life on the outskirts of conventional life looking in observing. Aware of what others do while treading my own path, over the last couple of days I've spent with old friends and making new ones I've felt a real sense of being with brothers and sisters all expressing how they see the world. To quote an old 80s song from Twisted Sister" I am I'm Me" but I've really enjoyed being part of You, Summit. - Andy Pickard

Massive hi5 to Jon and Laura for organising such an awesome day ... it was immense! - Liam Crawley

What a day! I am finally feeling well enough to just about string a sentence together (tequila was not my best idea) but it won't be eloquent.  Massive high fives and fist bumps to Laura and Jon for an incredible event. 👊🏻 Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of it.  Inspirational speakers, so many belly laughs, quite a few tears (Jonas - I never thought anyone could make me cry whilst listening to 'I'm on a mother fucking boat') and friends old and new. Sad there were so many people I didn't get chance to chat to but hope to cross paths again.  Best. Works. Do. Ever.  - Claire Penn

What a day that turned out to be! Huge applause for Jon and Laura, the work and effort that must go into pulling off an event like this must be huge, and it was awesome to be a part of it. It was great to see so many familiar faces, and meet plenty of new ones. I hope everyone left brimming with new ideas and inspiration. - Sam Docker

If you're looking for a UK wedding photography conference we'd love to see you at SUMMIT next year.  Join our mailing list for details!