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SNAP SPOTLIGHT: Rossella Vanon

If you've read about SNAP's philosophy before, you'll know that we are all about giving you inspiration from outside of the wedding and lifestyle photography world, as well as having some of the best speakers from within the field. 

We firmly believe that looking outward for inspiration makes our work stronger and learning from photographers and creatives across other disciplines gives us the tools and skills to improve our work.  In fact some of our non-wedding based workshops at SNAP last year ended up being some of our SNAPsters favourites.  

We're really excited to welcome Rossella Vanon to SNAP 2016.  Rossella is an Italian fashion and beauty photographer based in London. She is known for her beautiful, soft and colourful work, and has shot for publications such as Nylon Mexico, Schön!, Gloss, Fault, Hunger TV, and Chaos to name a few.

Rossella is a master of lighting in and out of the studio, from multiple flash studio work to natural light location shoots.  Check out her portfolio to see more of her work.  

Alongside photo shoots, Rossella has been teaching photography workshops in London for the past four years, mentoring new photographers and sharing knowledge on topics such as lighting techniques, model direction, business and retouching. Rossella is also the owner of the photography studio Huddle Studios in East London.

If you haven't already, follow Rossella on FB, IG and Twitter