SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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Peter Jurica is a Croatian destination wedding photographer, with an eye for emotion, dynamic composition and cinematic drama.  His use of light and the fact that he incorporates gritty documentary images with a cinematic twist, epic landscapes and beautiful portraits into his work are just some of the reasons we can't wait to hear him speak at SNAP. 

He started his photographic career as a photojournalist, it was here he found his love of travel and documentary photography. He started shooting weddings for his friends, and was drawn to how his photography could make people happy.

Petar describes his photographic style:

I put my heart and soul into telling simple and honest stories of two people in love... My aim is to shoot your story in an emotional, creative and very natural way, to tell a story like it is, without a lot of intervention.

If you want a flavour of how this all looks, look at this set from a beautiful Mediterranean wedding.

Petar will be talking about what drives his work and how he's used his passion for travel to build his destination business.  

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