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SNAP Spotlight: Alex James

Back in August we announced that as part of our 2016 line up we would be allocating one speaking slot to a member of the SNAP community.  

We've always been steadfast in our believe that the benefits of attending SNAP shouldn't end when the festival is over and we are proud that our SNAP community is engaged and highly supportive of each other, nearly a year after SNAP 2015 took place.  

Our SNAP's Got Talent competition was held at our autumn reunion and seven of our SNAPsters delivered talks, while the rest of the community cheered them on.  

The votes were counted and Alex James was our winner.   I have to say I was personally thrilled for him as I really think he's hugely underrated as a photographer.  He's a skilled documentary photographer and his portraits are so epic that one was recently picked up by Nikon and shared around their networks.  He's also a lovely, lovely guy and so modest that when he recently won a regional award for his photography (for the fifth year in a row) he didn't even mention it on his Facebook business page.  

It makes me really, really happy to be able to showcase the work of a photographer who is no where near as well known as they should be and to offer them a platform to not only raise their profile but to share their skills and knowledge with our community.  But enough of me singing his praises, check out his work below.

Alex will be talking about you, your place in the universe and how you can leverage your uniqueness not only to create a successful photography business but also to be a successful artist.   We will look at unlocking your inner potential and why your biggest asset is not your camera.