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SNAP Shots

It's been a while since we've posted work from around our community.  We've decided to replace our Friday High Fives thread with a regular post sharing work that our SNAPsters love, including their reasons for loving the images.  

It's a less competitive way of showcasing what our community has been up to.  Work will partly be selected on the merit of the images themselves but we'll also be sharing some work where we simply love the reason behind the image.  So over to our awesome SNAPsters.

Lauren Laveria

I love candles and ambient lighting. I was with my greatest inspiration and she set up a workshop shoot for me entirely consisted of the items used for her weddings, including the candles! We lugged them down a massive stone staircase and set them all up one by one. I'm so incredibly proud of this because this is the kind of work I always want to create, something that makes my heart feel so happy.

Lee Allen

This image is a bit of turning point for me. This is the first time in a long while I have been proud of something that I have shot. It also means that Im pushing for more portrait work. This would have been very different if I had not seen Oli talk at Snap. Im trying to be much calmer when I shoot something that doesn't come naturally.

Guy Collier

It was taken in really direct, strong sun and it came out well.

Becky Ryan Photography

I just love the happiness. The bride was SO nervous at the time so it was fab to capture some of the happiness with her gals

Xeco Rojo

This was actually posted by Ro Chan, who shared it because she's proud of Xeco.  She's also the subject in this image.  

Ryan at Shutter Go Click Photography

On a quick break I managed to climb over a fence and test this shot with my prism before getting the couple over. It was just one of those weddings where all they wanted to do was spend time having pictures taken. The wedding was actually an Iraqi Yorkshire fusion ceremony so everything about the day was so eclectic.

Wojtek Chrapek

How can you not like this squashed face

Beth Moseley

My first time using smoke bombs. So much fun!

Jonny Dent

This sums up what I love about weddings.. Be ready for any moment, like when grandma needs to be lifted over a narrow gate to get to where the bride wants the groups shot...

Marianne Taylor

Not so much because it's the greatest or most meaningful shot I've ever taken, but because working with this girl is making me fall back in love with photography. For so many years it was something I did for others (which feels meaningful, yes, but not necessarily 'free'), so getting to play and do your own thing, even if there's an overall brief, feels fantastic. Plus, shooting barefoot on a beach is how I'm wanting to spend most of my time lately.

Andy Li

Because it's important to keep your guests entertained! 

Andrew Billington

Outside on a blisteringly hot, cloudless day and that's usually a nightmare but I wanted to work with not against the conditions - saw this and 'worked it' till I had what I wanted...

Esme Mai

I've been making some time for more personal stuff recently & it feels good!!