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SNAP and Blurt

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SNAP 2018 brings all of the amazing features of previous years but we're also focussing on restoration, retreat and self care.  As well as aiming for a slower pace this year with more breaks to digest learning, we have a whole load of content that's aimed to help you to look after yourself, including sessions on mental health, yoga, meditation and an on site massage service.

As part of our focus on wellbeing and also to support an amazing charity that advocates for mental health, we're partnering with Blurt to create a bespoke BuddyBox for our attendees.  

The BuddyBox is a subscription box with substance, designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life.  It's packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats.

I've been a subscriber to BuddyBox for over a year and it's always exciting to receive my monthly box through the post.  Past boxes have contained items like books on mindfulness,  essential oils, hot chocolate stirrers and lots of other lovely, comforting things.

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The content of our SNAP BuddyBox is a surprise for attendees but we're sharing this today to tell you about Blurt, if you haven't heard about them already.

As well as their box scheme they do loads more brilliant work around depression and mental health, including working to increase understanding of depression, from the perspective of those who’ve actually experienced it.

They also raise awareness, provide tools and knowledge to help proactive recovery and challenge the stigma that prevents people reaching out for help.  They work closely with medical practitioners, employers, schools and companies to help them understand depression, what it means and how they can support those affected by it.

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Blurt's blog features articles about living with, managing, and supporting others with depression in a friendly, accessible way.  Check out their blog here and head here to check out their free resources, including a mental heath toolkit. 

If you'd like to support Blurt head here and you can sign up to their mailing list from any page. 

You can also check out this list of resources if you're struggling with depression, anxiety or mental health.  There's also advice for those in crisis.  

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If you'd like to come to SNAP 2018 to take some time for yourself, be inspired and learn loads to push your business forward we'd love to have you.  Head here to come to SNAP.

And finally you can check out this TedTalk by Blurt's founder, Jayne Hardy.   Jayne has also written a book on self care.