SNAP Wedding Photography Conference and Workshops
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SNAP 2018 looked like this!

I can't quite believe it's nearly July already, which means it's two months since SNAP 2018 happened. 

Back in April close to 100 people gathered in the Norfolk countryside to learn business skills and inspire their creativity, to take part in self care activities like nature walks and yoga, to make new friends around a camp fire, to listen to a jazz band and their fellow SNAPsters performing at our open mic night, to dress from head to toe in sparkles for our Shiny Disco Balls party, to jump into a freezing cold pool while hail stones fell out of the sky at our pool party, to walk on wind swept beaches and row on the boating lake and so much more.  

A lot of our community said this was their favourite SNAP yet.  We took our foot off the peddle and focussed on a slower pace, with an emphasis on taking what you need.  We introduced a buddy scheme which meant that new SNAPsters were supported by someone who'd attended before, with daily check ins and friendly chats over coffee.  We created a little more space for people to decompress from their day to day life and that's something we'll be bringing back next year, along with some changes that we'll be announcing over the next few months which will ensure SNAP and our SNAP community continues to grow and evolve.  

For now, keep reading to check out pictures from 2018 by the marvellous Run Deep Co.  Tickets for 2019 are now on sale and we would love you to join us.