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SNAP 2017 speaker announcements and early bird discount!

All images in this post are by SNAP 2017 speaker Franck Boutonnet

Putting together the speaker line up for SNAP is always a labour of love.  As time's gone on my own view of what's important when curating a line up has changed, and we've also had lots of insight from our attendees, who we ask for feedback after each event.

This year's feedback was that attendees would love more practical content, so we've changed the format of SNAP slightly to address this. 

There'll be 2 hour keynote talks, which will be attended by everyone, and there'll also be break out sessions for smaller groups, which will feature 1 hour practical workshops that will be really hands on.  

Re-working the schedule this way allows us not only to bring you more speakers (hooray!) and a wider variety of content, but it also means that there'll be more free time and this was another awesome point made by attendees last year - SNAP was so jam packed that there weren't enough opportunities to let it all sink in.  I've addressed this by adding blocks of time here and there for napping, exploration and basking in the sunshine.  

From my own point of view, I've come to believe that simply asking a whole load of 'big names' to show up and teach at SNAP isn't the right approach.  Of course we want well known, established and aspirational speakers but it's most important that we're really able to define what each workshop/talk is aiming to achieve and what the learning outcomes will be.

SNAP is known for the fact that we hang out and party, but we have always been clear that this is not a camping trip.  First and foremost SNAP has to deliver defined learning outcomes, that support participants to grow and develop their photography practice and businesses, what ever stage they're at as a photographer.  

This is why we launched the SNAP Learning Manifesto and everyone who has been selected to speak at SNAP this year has been asked to submit a speaker proposal that aligns with the Learning Manifesto and its aims.  

Our speakers will be covering a broad range of topics and subjects, from business to specific shooting skills, from inspiration to instruction.  Within the topics I've highlighted and my priorities for content I've also focussed on gender parity and diversity.  

Woman and non-white photographers are often hugely under represented in conference and event line ups, despite the fact that there are huge numbers of hugely talented and inspiring photographers, who are also skilled educators, within these under represented groups.  It's really important to me that SNAP reflects the diverse backgrounds of photographers that are out there kicking arse, running amazingly successful businesses, serving their clients and and inspiring their followers.  

As always we're bringing you three speakers from outside of the wedding industry as we firmly believe that looking outward strengthens our work, approaches and businesses.

We'll also be offering someone from within our communities the chance to speak for the first time, through our SNAP's Got Talent competition.  In fact we'll have no less than four former SNAP attendees speaking at 2017's event and it makes me really happy that we're able to promote from within and showcase the amazing work that happens around the SNAP community.

So that's the behind the scenes of how we've selected out speakers this year.  The SNAP shop is now open so swing by to reserve your place.  Use the code EARLY100 to get £100 off your ticket until the end of August.

And so on to our first SNAP speaker announcement! We're thrilled to welcome Franck Boutonnet Photography who will be joining us from France.

Multi-award winning, celebrated wedding photographer, photo journalist and lecturer, Franck's SNAP keynote will focus on the documentary approach, aesthetic and storytelling.  Franck will talk about setting goals as a photographer and he'll share his personal transformative experience as both a documentary photographer and a wedding photographer.

Franck's session will explore the history of documentary photography, with references for further exploration, and key concepts in documentary wedding photography.

After this session participants will:
- be able to: stay creative in the most unlikely places and the most difficult circumstances
- dare to put their own personal history into their photography, even the dark sides of it
- stay free in their creative process

Check out more of Franck's work here and swing by his Instagram.