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Self | 365 by Shelley Richmond

Words and images by Shelley Richmond

"I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best" - Frida Kahlo

Shortly after my birthday last year I was shooting with a friend who had just decided to start a 365 self portrait project, she told me about the first time that she'd done it and that she'd thought about starting again as something to focus her min on after a rough patch she'd been through personally. After a little back and forth in my own mind I decided that I'd give it a go too, I was getting very bogged down with client work and creating for other people, to meet other peoples briefs. I wasn't creating anything that was just for me and I thought that this might be the perfect outlet.

365 self portrait photograpy

It's pushed me more than I ever thought it would. To be honest I imagined that I would have given up by now... making a self portrait everyday is a weirdly cathartic experience. You're constantly scrutinizing yourself, editing yourself, literally. It can pull you in some odd directions. Doing this every day has often left me walking the fine line between despising the way I look and learning to love my flaws, it's emotionally odd but what it has done for me is allow me to play, to explore, to test things that I otherwise wouldn't be able to when working to a paying clients brief. If I make it to the end I hope to publish the full set as a book, even the ones I'm not that keen on. 

I'd advise anyone to give this a go, all you need is a tripod and a remote (though half of these were shot with a camera balanced awkwardly on a random object and using a timer set to let me dash back and forth because I lost my remote in a meadow somewhere...)