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Pitch Ideas for SNAP 2018

All images by SNAP 2018 speakers Don and Helen

In case you missed it, we're taking pitches for SNAP 2018.  We've set aside 1/2 of our speaker slots for people within our community and you can read about the line up so far and pitch process here.


Today we're sharing some ideas for workshops to inspire your pitch.  Before we do, we want to tell you that we are welcoming pitches from anyone within the community.  You don't have to be the most experienced photographer or the most established community member to have something of value to offer.  We all have different skills, experience and strengths that we can share.  

If you studied photography formally at university that gives you a different perspective to someone who's self taught.  If you know your way around a dark room, that gives you a skill that others might have no experience of.  If you shoot street photography or fashion or sport of commercial photography you have skills and experience that you could share with the community. 

Here are some ideas for possible shoot / workshop topics, based on feedback from our community about some of the topics they'd like to see covered.  This list is by no means exhaustive and we're totally happy to hear what ever creative ideas you'd love to share with us. 


Workshop ideas
The client workflow
Sales and upselling
Backup and file management
Finding your ideal client
Staying motivated and inspired through tough jobs
Accessibility (equal access to services, user friendly websites, welcoming diversity)
A whole wedding from start to finish - what you look for, how you approach it

Live shoot ideas
Natural posing
Classic posing (and knowing the rules so you can break them)
Engagement between your subjects
On camera and off camera flash
Shooting in low light without flash
Dancing shots (including the first dance)
Rocking hard light
Getting weird
Shoot swap / portrait swap
Styled shoot
Street photography
Food photography
Photography play / experimentation

Creative inspiration ideas
Life drawing
Film photography
Found objects
Photography challenges / working to a mini-brief
Idea generation
Creative writing
Creativity boosting exercises
Personal work / projects

You have until the end of September to submit your pitch.  Do have a read through this post for details about how winners will be selected.

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