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SNAP Partner OODIO - post production services for photographers

April is quickly approaching and the SNAP family keeps growing every day. We’re really excited to welcome OODIO! They’ll be joining us at SNAP 2019 where they’ll be telling you all about their post production services, as well as running a workshop on editing skills!

Before and after by Marianne Chua

A number of the SNAP community work with OODIO already, including SNAP 2019 attendee, former SNAP speaker and Fujifilm X-Photographer Marianne Chua. Here’s what she has to say about them:

I'm so chuffed I found Oodio! Not only are they fab value for money, their magic touch service of local adjustments changed my life! They're wonderfully communicative and care about all the tiny adjustments I barely notice myself.

I've been working with them for well over a year now and they are consistent throughout each set and respond really well to any extra requests I throw at them!

Outsourcing editing generally is something that I couldn't go back from, getting my time back to focus on what I'm good at and letting the experts take care of everything else is the best thing I've done for my business!

About OODIO’s post production service for photographers

OODIO is an amazing post production team that has been providing culling, editing and design services to wedding photographers for the past 8 years.  They were founded when their Chief Executive, a wedding photographer himself, started shooting weddings only to realise how time consuming post production is!

After failing to find any service providers with the quality and standards he was looking for, he founded the company along with his partners, to help photographers get their lives back.

Photo Credit: Alex Beckett Photography - Editing by OODIO

OODIO’s aims

OODIO’s shared dream with their team members, partners and clients is to be the best at what they do, in a better world. They strongly believe in creating a equitable space for their team members which results in exceptional level of quality .  

Photo Credit: Sarah Elliott Photography - Editing by OODIO

A few reasons why we love them

For us at SNAP it is a priority that our partners and speakers share our ethics and our values. So here are a few things we really love about OODIO:

  • OODIO cares about their staff and prioritises good pay and working conditions for their staff in Bangalore. They invest in staff education and growth, and support many of their staff to complete degrees they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

  • They also invest in training and development for staff's soft skills with regular classes and training.

  • Staff have sense of ownership for their work and they are invested in the company, which results in consistency and an exceptional level of service.

Sounds awesome, right? But you should definitely check them out for yourself. So that you can, OODIO have not one but two introductory offers for you!

Firstly, you could win a £200 editing credit with OODIO as part of our mega Spring giveaway. We’ll also be giving you the chance to win a ticket to SNAP 2019, so check back on Monday to find out more and hear about our other awesome prizes!

We also have an amazing introductory offer for you! You can grab 20% of on your first Post Production order with the coupon code OODIOSNAP20. Terms and conditions apply:

  • Offer valid for one post production order only. 

  • Minimum order volume of $50

  • Offer Valid till April 30th 2019. 

  • Offer discount cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or package discount

We can’t to welcome OODIO to SNAP. Head here and check out the rest of our line up and grab one of our last few tickets in our shop!