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One from Many: Perspectives on a Multicultural Environment

A few months ago we had the pleasure of being invited to Central St Martins to be a guest critique at the end of course exhibition of their reportage short course, led by Karl Grupe

We were impressed by the variety of the work and the array of well conceptualised and presented projects.  A favourite was One From Many by Pedro Albuquerque.  

One From Many is an exploration of identity through objects of importance and meaning.  

"Beyond the common purpose of pursuing scientific breakthroughs, everyone at The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus brings their own rich background and unique cultural heritage to the world of science.

The One from Many: Perspectives on a Multicultural Environment documents the role of different cultural heritages and backgrounds, highlighting the inter-relational roles they can, ultimately, have in the science done at this campus.

This diversity is documented through a series of photographs complemented by small interviews, capturing not only the expected physical differences like skin tone, but delving deeper to capture elements of where these people have come from, what brings them here, what they bring from their homes and what makes them unique among the other individuals."