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My First Time at SNAP Photo Festival

Interview with a first time SNAPster

At SNAP we're well aware that attending a photography workshop or conference for the first time can be a bit scary. We take a few measures to make our attendants feel as at ease as possible. One of them being our amazing buddy system. This said, in order to give a sense of what SNAP is really like, we are starting a series of interview to members of our community about their first time at our photography conference / gathering / retreat.

This week we're interviewing the lovely Alice Lodge, first time SNAPster in 2018.

All photos by Alice Lodge Photography, unless otherwise stated. 

Picture of Alice Lodge at SNAP photo festival in 2018

At what stage of your photography career were you in when you attended SNAP?

I had been building my business for three years along side becoming a mother. Two massively fundamental things had been going on in my life at the same time. Becoming a mother and a businesswoman. It was a lot to get my head around. My child started nursery the week before SNAP when he was 3 and a half and I only really started advertising that January, so it came at a crazy time for me as so much was changing. 

SNAP really helped me focus on my career and feeling totally myself again.
It was a change from being with a little person every single day and I enjoyed not having to think about cooking, washing up or entertainment (for some reason parents always feel they have to add at that point that they love being with their kids. Me too :)

Model lying on a field from a styled shoot taken at SNAP 2018

How was SNAP different from other photography events you had attended before?

I absolutely loved that so many speakers were from within the community. Especially when starting out and learning from people, you can sometimes feel like they are special and you are not, or they are better than you and you will never be like that. Spending the time as "normal" humans together rather than just professionals really helped with this and made everyone feel equally important, which gave us the confidence to know we all have our strengths and can learn from each other no matter at what point in your career you are at. I thought that was really beautiful.

I also absolutely loved the mindfulness and creative bit of it that often gets overlooked and which is so important in creating our most important work. Having a week away together and not just learning but also socialising rather than a few hours at a time made things really memorable and sink in. I will never forget it.

Photo of a father and a son in black and white taken by workshop attendant Alice Lodge

How would you say SNAP affected your work?

It gave me more confidence in feeling professional and know what I am doing. I learned a lot from a professional point of view but I also learned a lot as a person. It made me see that if you believe in yourself and you keep learning you can do anything. That was a great feeling and very inspiring to see a lot of lovely people being successful and happy with what they do. It was also really good to hang out and speak to people who were at the beginning of their journey or who were struggling as it made me feel a lot less alone within my daily work life and to know we are all the same and can help each other.

What was the first thing you did coming back from the photo festival?

I sat and thought. A lot. Then I ordered £100's worth of kit.

Photo of a heart on a wall taken during SNAP 2018

What would you suggest to people who'd like to attend SNAP for the first time? 

I would probably say the same thing that I say to those about to watch a Pantomime for the very first time (I absolutely love them!). Be open minded, don't expect anything as you can't even imagine what it is going to be like, embrace it and take away as much positivity as you can. It will keep you going for a long time.

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