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Introducing Pic-Time

Introducing Pic-Time, an integrated workspace, gallery host, print sales portal and marketing and sales platform for photographers

Images by Nicole Mason

I'm really excited to be welcoming Pic-Time to the SNAP family today, as our newest sponsor and partner. 

Before I got to know Pic-Time I switched my client gallery provider, leaving a provider whose system seemingly got clunkier and clunkier, for a provider who offers a more streamlined gallery solution with integrated print sales and email marketing.

I was fairly happy with my choice of provider, until a recent get together with Pic-Time to chat about them becoming an official SNAP partner.

As Nirit, co founder and director, talked passionately about Pic-Time as a photographer workspace, I found myself half listening excitedly and half wondering whether I could go through the trauma of switching providers again so soon.  I needn't have worried about switching being traumatic as Pic-Time will migrate all of your galleries, whatever system you currently use, for a really reasonable fee of just $2 per gallery.  

print sales Pic Time photographer gallery hosting

Some of Pic-Time's amazing features

Practicalities of moving from one provider to another aside, I'd love to tell you about some of the features which got me really excited about working with Pic-Time and inviting them to join the SNAP family.

Pic-Time is leagues ahead of any other photographer workspace solutions.  That Pic-Time is a photographer workspace, rather than solely facilitating gallery hosting and print sales is an important distinction. Yes, Pic-Time provides gallery hosting (and some of the most beautiful and customisable galleries I've ever seen) but they also provide fully integrated marketing and sales solutions.

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Pic-Time views Photographers as both artists and business people, so their focus is firmly on the visual and technical coming together. They have thought of everything and Pic-Time provides intuitive tools for business owners to assist with efficiency, design, and business growth.

The automated features in their store is leagues above anything else I've seen and they offer live chat support for both photographers and their clients. Whether you need guidance setting up your first gallery, or your client needs help with ordering, there's support just a click away.

Fully integrated print and product ordering, with functionality to increase sales!

One of the features that impressed me the most is that product ordering is fully integrated, so when you add products from your favourite providers to your online shop, clients will see images of the products populated with their own favourite images from their gallery.

product sales photographers


This is all done via the medium of a clever algorithm that tracks the images people spend the most time engaging with, so every single person that logs into one of your galleries will see different images populating the items available in your store.

My mind was a little bit blown by this and the possibilities for increased sales, but that's not all. There are so many examples of features and functionality like this, that means Pic-Time has totally raised the bar for photographers.

photogapher marketing and print sales

Camera Hannah's thoughts on Pic-Time

We asked SNAPster, Rangefinder Rising Star and former SNAP speaker Hannah Millard of Camera Hannah to have a full walk through of the system with Pic-Time, so she could tell us what she thinks about.  Here's what she has to say:

"It takes a lot to make me consider making a change to my workflow, luckily Pic Time has so much to offer that I can not only face the thought of switching things up... I'm ridiculously excited. It functions intuitively, it looks beautiful and it has features that make it fun to use... I don't use the term "game-changer" lightly but here we are: it's a game changer"

"My favourite feature gives the couple the power to create and order their own albums - for my clients this is perfect, they're usually creative and prefer to DIY rather than order books through me. The shop aspect of Pic Time allows your clients to create high quality products in a user friendly and visually pleasing setting, while generating extra revenue for you"

"It's more than just a gallery, it simplifies the experience for both you and your clients, keeping proofing, albums, prints, downloads and social sharing all in one place"

album design and sales photographers

Some my own favourite functions, including integration with QT Albums, in-built marketing solutions and support for you and your clients

Some other things I personally love about Pic-Time include:

  • plans for integration with SNAP favourites QT Albums for print and album sales

  • integration with popular UK labs (including the lab I use already for my standard prints)

  • in-built email marketing including a library of templates for holidays, sales and special offers

  • smart analytics and detailed statistics and trends

  • the support for both you and your clients

  • you can have all of the above, plus limited storage, for less than I pay with my (soon to be ex!) current provider!

  • Did I mention that the galleries are really, really beautiful and customizable? 

Get two months with Pic-Time for free!

We're so excited to welcome Pic-Time to the SNAP family and to celebrate our partnership, Pic-Time are offering you two months for free! Simply sign up for a trial via this link and when you inevitably fall in love with Pic-Time and upgrade to a paid plan you'll get two months free!

Do you think Pic-Time will help your business? What do you think its most exciting feature is? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to get to know Nirit and Amir from Pic-Time you should check out this wonderful interview by Kinfolk Magazine!