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Introducing our SNAP Aspiring Speaker Scholarship winner!

alternative photographic processes

If you've been following the SNAP blog you'll know that we launched a scholarship last year for an aspiring female or non-binary speaker or workshop leader.  We were blown away by support for the scholarship and we raised more than £2000 in donations from members of our community and people across the photography industry, along with mentoring and education support worth another £1500 from our partners.  

Our main partner for this initiative was The Photography Show and we're excited that our winner will also be speaking there.  Special thanks also to our partner QT Albums as they were responsible for donating over a quarter of the funds we raised and I know as a business where more than 50% of their staff are female, including their management team, supporting this scholarship was really important to them.  

Our other supporters include Camera Hannah; international speaker and educator,  Nova Reid; life coach, former actor, wellbeing coach, writer, diversity consultant and public speaking expert, Maddy from Making Your Business Shine; your first stop for killer marketing support,  Photobiz Premium; one of the most respected education resources in the industry and Flothemes who'll be offering consultancy around branding.  

Today I'm really excited to introduce you to our winner, Angela Ward-Brown.  One of the things that we were really impressed by with Angela's application was her broad range of experience across the industry.  She has photography qualifications, teaching qualifications, significant experience as a wedding photographer, she runs a successful commercial photography business, she has a great presence in the industry with a reputation for supporting and helping newer photographers and she's also known for her work around Tintypes and wet plate collodion photography. 

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In fact we love her work around tintypes & wet plate collodion photography so much, that's what we've asked her to speak about at SNAP 2018.   One of SNAP's key aims is to deliver meaningful education across a broad range of subjects.  Well rounded photographers have influences outside of their niche and we're always excited to explore different areas of photography that can influence our devlopment as creatives.  

Keep scrolling to find out more about Angela and her SNAP photography festival 2018 session. 

About Angela
So, I am Angela. I am 43, and I have been building my photography business for around 6 years. I have an FDA in Photographic Practice from the the arts university in Bournemouth which I got as a mature student, and a BA in Theatre & Media from the University of Wales/WCMD. I did not attend the University Life or the School of Hard Knocks as a result of a clerical error. I also have a city & guilds lecturing qualification.

I was a sex ed teacher for 15 years, teaching kids with autism all about the things the other teachers do not want to discuss. It was bloody lovely, and I found the kids fascinating, the teaching system less so as time went on. When I left to go on maternity leave with my second daughter, I got another bad dose of post natal depression & found a path through it with a hitherto unused camera. The pictures were very bad. But I got better. 

I decided to scale back my teaching & invest in my photography to see if I could make a go of it, so I went back to university to study it part time with a foundation degree. I had zero confidence I would ever get good enough, and really University didn't give me that either, but I love to learn, and I loved exploring photographic theories & concepts, which I hope have been of benefit. If not, I got to spend three years drinking coffee & eating seriously cheap breakfasts, so I struggle to see that as a loss. 

My little business grew slowly, and I with it, until I get to where I am today - I shoot round 30 weddings a year & run a successful commercial photography business on the side

I am fairly introverted, but in that way you don't notice - when choosing fight or flight, I always choose fight so I rip the plaster off and chatter away before retreating somewhere quiet for a bit to build back up. Like teaching, and shooting weddings, its all a bit of a performance, but not one I hate. 

I have two kids, am married, and have failed to train my terriers to be anything but tiny furry bastards. 

I really like Gordon Ramsey & I hate myself for it.

I wish I had the moral strength to be vegetarian.

I have an abiding love of A-Ha.

I like oversharing.

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Angela's session:  Tintypes & Wet plate collodion photography
"A tintype is like a polaroid with added soul-stealing magic" This session will explore the history & use of wet plate photography and we'll examine why this aesthetic from the past is increasingly relevant in the 21st century.  This will include a practical demonstration and a quick start guide to making your own.  In an age of replication, transience & immediacy, tintypes are the antithesis of this - they require time, patience, learned skill, and knowledge.  they require much of the sitter too - there is no way you can pose, pout or grin your way through an exposure that could last up to 30 seconds. You are forced to reveal something of yourself in that very stillness. 

We can't wait to welcome Angela to SNAP and we're excited to see how our scholarship develops. 

We'll be aiming to run a scholarship again next year with the aim of finding a new speaker from another under represented group.  We also offer people from all groups within our community the chance to become speakers through our SNAP's Got Talent competition.   

More than 50% of this year's line up are members of our existing community, including this year's winner Matt Badenoch, and we love being able to support our attendees to grow and develop.   Former SNAP's Got Talent winners have gone on to launch their own workshops and speak at international events like Looks Like Film's Choo Choo Camp in New York.  

We still have a few tickets left for SNAP 2018 and we'd love to have you come to SNAP. 

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