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Welcome back Snapettes... up for some more inspiration? Of course you are...  

Lead image by William Eggleston.

Girls Rule In Karolin Klueppel’s Series ‘Mädchenland’

German photographer Karolin Klueppel spent nine months in the village of Mawlynnong in north-east India documenting the girls of the Khasi society. The Khasi are a matrilineal society. Here, traditionally it is the girls who are of particularly importance and who play an exposed role in the family. The line of succession passes through the youngest daughter.

In this series she concentrates on the girls themselves in contextualizing them in their everyday physical environment through a sensitive balance between documentation and composition.

How to Price Your Services as a Photographer

Perhaps the most vexing thing for any new photographer is pricing. There aren’t hard and fast rules, and while you want to make a decent amount of money commensurate with your skills, you don’t want to risk turning away potential clients with prices that are too high. Many photographers start out with fairly moderate prices, but after time passes and shooters hone their skills, the question becomes, “Should I raise my prices?” Of course, the better you get, the more you should charge because you have a deeper understanding of your craft and you can make better images.

Read more here on The Phoblographer to try and make sense of the pricing game.

The colourful Mr. Eggleston

Nick Tucker has been sharing his pearls of photo history wisdom and dug out this brilliant documentary about William Eggleston. Watch it and weep.

The Undeniable Benefits of Being Weird

A great piece on 99U about embracing your inner weird to enhance your creativity.

'I believe we were all born wildly creative—some of us just forgot. You need only to accept nature’s call of greatness in order to invent, to create, to dance—to put something new into the world. And when you accept it and start to believe in your gifts—that’s when things get really weird."

InFrame: Jessica Lehrman

Format just launched a new film series called InFrame in collaboration with crazy talented Bas Berkhout. The first film of the series (below) offers a beautiful glimpse into the life of Brooklyn based photographer Jessica Lehrman.

Jim carrey giving us some profound advice to 'do what you love'