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Inspired and Inspiring: SNAP's Creative Roundup

While our beautiful Summer heatwave becomes a distant memory, we thought it would be nice to bring you some fresh inspiration from the SNAP community for you to cosy up with in this autumnal weather. 

All the suggestions provided by members of our community. Lead image by Angela Ward-Brown Photography.


Juno Dawson - The Gender Games: The Problem With Men and Women, From Someone Who Has Been Both

Soon to be TV series, this book by Juno Dawson, is part memoir and part manifesto on gender stereotypes and issues. 

Recommended by Rowan from Parrot and Pineapple: ''A fascinating, funny and poignant insight into what it’s like to be a transwoman. Plus loads of insightful information about the illusion of gender and associated beauty standards for each gender.''


Book recommendations from a member of the photography workshop SNAP


Nayyirah Waheed - SALT. 

''Salt.'' is Nayyrah Waheed's second anthology of poems and the minimalism of its book's cover is a testament to the style of her poetry. Short and straight to the heart, her poems deals with contemporary subjects such as race and feminism, as well as love and loss.

Recommended by Laura Babb: ''Really beautiful and poignant.''

Salt by Nayyrah Waheed. An anthology of poems recommended by Laura Babb, founder of SNAP, photography workshop in the UK.


John Lane  -  Timeless Simplicity. Creative living in a consumer society

''This is a book about simplicity - not destitution, not parsimoniousness, not self-denial- but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit.'' When the incipit says it all. In an era of great life-work unbalance, many of us are aiming more and more toward more authenticity and a enjoyment for the simple aspects of life.

Recommended by Tim Dunk Photography: ''Gentle, thought-provoking, and very readable - I read it in one sitting, not done that with a book in years!''

Timeless Simplicity. A book Recommended by SNAP photofestival community.


Sol Lewitt's Letter to Eva Hesse

This heartfelt letter, was written in 1965 as a reply to the fellow sculptor artist Eva Hesse who had been going through a big creative block. Here is beautifull read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Recommended by Jacob Loafman: ''If you ever struggle with self-doubt, this is the bomb of all motivating letters.''


Rankin's S&X

Believe it or not this actually is a perfume's Ad (!).  It's also a refreshing celebration of sexuality, far from the standard we are used to. 

Recommended by Laura Babb: ''Rankin's new film work around intimacy is an interesting and challenging watch.''

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